She And He: Bridge

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Date: Friday, 14 January 2022 (3 days ago)


That so-called date happened a month ago and I haven't seen him since then.

I looked at my phone to check the time. It was 12:43PM. "He's late again," I muttered under my breath. I inhaled and exhaled to calm myself. My boyfriend and I were to meet up at 12PM for lunch. It was the only time I can spare as I am swamped in the office. My lunch break is almost over and yet he's nowhere to be found. I scanned the area one last time and stood up and was about to leave when I spotted a man running towards me.

"I'm sorry, I'm late," he panted.

I sighed, looked at him with emotionless eyes and said, "You knew I was just on a lunch break."

"I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you. It's just that I ran into…" He wasn't able to finish his sentence.

"I said, I was just on a lunch break," I cut him mid-sentence, my voice trembling from frustration and anger. I glared at him and walked away. He never bothered to go after me.

I cried that night as I broke it off with my boyfriend over the phone. I did not want to see him as it would make it harder for me to break it off. It has always been this way, I always felt taken for granted. All I wanted was some time to spend with him because we rarely see each other and yet, he could not give it to me. Promises made and broken over and over and over again, like a broken record. My heart was getting tired, getting so used to those broken promises.

We've been together for years, and I knew it was not that easy ending our relationship. However, it was getting way too toxic. I needed to let go, while I still love him. Staying will eventually make me despise and resent him. I can already feel the hate creeping into my heart.

I hugged my pillow and looked at my phone. No messages from him. "I guess, this really is over, huh?" my last thought before my eyes succumbed to the Sandman's spell.


I haven't seen her for a month after the kiss.

"I can't...

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