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Date: Wednesday, 12 January 2022 (5 days ago)

Sparco and I have always been open about anything and everything since we started chatting. During one of our long calls, we talked about things we wanna do, places we wanna go to and kinks we wanna try out together. Things that will just be for us. With that, we created our own bucket list - or as we call it "Fuck It List".

Some of the things on our list:

- Go out of town (hindi hometown nya)
- Go out of the country
- Go to a sex shop
- Quickie
- Sex on rooftop
- Use a sex toy together
- Shout ____ while walking around UP
- UP/Mang Larry's Isaw food binge
- Spiral Buffet
- THE famous Mahal Kita Pancit
- Sleep under the stars at some park
- Get drunk
- Sex on the beach
- Edsaserye HAHAHAHA (our inside joke)
- MOP, NM, Mnl Zoo and StarCity

Some things on our list are just for us *wink* , and not to be shared HAHA....

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