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Date: Thursday, 22 July 2021 (1 day ago)

I have always loved the rain. Its sight, its sound, its scent, its chill, and all the things that came along with it.

I dream of being alone in a small hut or a cabin on a rainy season. Surrounded by plants and trees. Where I'd just sit beside the window and spend a whole afternoon just marvelling at the rain. This wonderful and remarkable phenomenon. How it pours down this life-giving grace from the sky and bless the earth. How it transforms a dry and seemingly lifeless terrain into a sight of life and beauty that comforts the heart and soul.

As a kid, I enjoyed watching the small droplets of water as they race to reach the bottom of the window glass. I'd love to experience that genuine feeling of innocent amazement once more.

I'd also want to sit on a cozy wooden chair cushioned with warm and soft pillows, grab a book and read. With a steaming cup of brew on a table beside me. And the sounds of rain falling on the roof and leaves and puddles of mud on the ground, together with the howling wind and the surrounding nature serving as my background melody.

And as the brightness of day fades, I'd fix up a fireplace that would be my light and warmth and also as a means...

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Thursday, 22 July 2021 (1 day ago)

nice on, idol. i do love the rain. it reminds me of my childhood, playing, bathing enjoying the play with friends, no problems to think about. just playing and enjoying chilldhood life

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