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Date: Sunday, 2 August 2020 (3 days ago)

Dear Past Self,

Hello! How are you? Isn't it weird that I'm asking how you're doing when in fact you already were a memory of the past? Nope. I think it's a proper gesture towards someone who became a catalyst for change.

So, how are you? I hope you were okay when you were still on your journey to becoming me.

I was not there during your downfalls. I did not get the chance to meet you when you were so alone, devising plans to land a greener pasture. I never had that chance. I was never by your side when you were trying to prove your worth to people. I never had that chance. I was not around when you were braving all the odds your surroundings gave you. I never had that chance. I would never have that chance. I'm sorr...

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