Foolish Heart

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Date: July 10, 2019 (4 months ago)

Crush. I told him straight ahead I liked him. Foolish heart, I was brave. He told me he liked me too. Foolish heart, I believed him. Foolish heart, keeps on craving for his attention. Foolish heart, want him to notice me. Told him stories about me some people dont even know. Foolish heart, believed he cared. When I see his name, foolish heart goes crazy badump badump. Foolish heart, ang bobo mo. Now I know, it was foolishness to like you. So foolish, so bobo. Should I cry? Nah~ Why should I? I liked you. Still like you a lot. But I gues I have to give up this foolishness. If its formality you have to offer okay lang. I'll be formal. I'll be friendly. Barriers up guarding my foolish heart. Barriers up. Barriers up. Don't want to get hurt. Barriers up. Just like before I told you I like you. Barriers up. Hold on foolish heart. The pain of reality will pass. Time heals all wounds just like before. Thankful it did not get too deep to hurt much more. Foolish heart. I guess its okay to cry for 16 minutes. More than that O.A. na daw sabi nila...

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