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Date: May 13, 2019 (3 months ago)

I'm planning to write a story/confession. Which will be more interesting for you guys? Mypp name is Romer (not my real name). I have been of an avid reader of FSS for years. But I usually lurk to read some stories. I usually read true stories. I enjoy reading stories about wife sharing, hipag or taboo.

1. Hipag ni GF (let's call Lexi)

Lexi is 26 years old. She was married when she got pregnant with her daughter.

I do sleep at my GFs house at times. She lives with her Sister in Law, Niece and Mom. Her brother is working in another province.

Lexi has a really big boobs and she usually wears no bra at home. She is usually careless when at home. She wears short shorts the are times i see her nips and panty.

Their house have two rooms but they are just using one big room. When i sleep there I also sleep in that big room. Can you guys imagine the situation?

2. Massage Therapist (let's call her trina)

I like to try different type of massage. I was so curious with the nuru massage. One therapist offered it to me. I was browsing wechat and i saw this girl offering massages. Her tag was home and hotel service. Pure massage only.

I send a friend request and asks how much. She don't really replies fast but she eventually accepts my requests. She was offering swedish and Nuru massage. Prices where 800 and 2000 respectively. I opt to choose later one. At first I found it hard to schedule a session with her since she is doing it part time. Trina works as a Property agent. And as for me, work ends usually late. Around 11pm. Our problem was no public transport for her around that time.

Filler: GF's best friend (let's call her Liza)

Liza is a dancer and 24 years old. She there was a moment when she had a family problem so she was always with my gf. There was a moment when my gf asked me if her friend can stay at my place for a few days. I declined since live in an apartement with no rooms (i wish i said yes)

Hindi ko makalimutan nung isang beses nakitulog sa akin si GF at si liza dahil kelangan daw nila umalis ng maage. Kung ipag kukumpara ko ang katawan nilang dalawa ay hindi naman nag kakalayo. Mejo darker lang ang complexion ni Liza.

Noong gabing yon naka pekpek short si liza. Nagising ako ng madaling araw at nakita ko naka bukaka si liza. At kitang kita ko ang singit niya. Biglang tumigas si junior. Hindi naman ako nangahas na may gawin at bumalik na sa pag tulog.

Umalis nga sila ng maaga at iniwan nila ang damit nila sa bahay. Hindi ko napigilang amuyin ang pinag hubaran na panty ni Liza.

Kung pumayag ako libre silip sana ako or pwedeng may mangyari. But I would never know since I declined.

All of those just happened recently. I'm just torn which one to write first.

PS. I was tryin...

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May 13, 2019 (3 months ago)

Its up to you sir.  Pero mas gusto ko yung pabor parati sa bidang lalaki  ang storya.

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May 13, 2019 (3 months ago)

lexi pls hahahaha

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May 16, 2019 (3 months ago)


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