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Date: November 5, 2018 (5 months ago)

these are random thoughts for my chatmate for a couple of months...

...It has been weeks since we had our last "normal" chat. I'm sorry. I miss you.

...It's probably due to the formed habit or the feelings that developed in time that make me miss you everyday. It was a good thing that you taught me a lot in those 5 months, specially the last few days we talked. Thank you for making me stand again, stronger this time that I can focus on work even when I am missing you.

...I have made and broken promises before and in the last weeks that you have not replied to my messages.I mean every word I least at the time I wrote them down...just didn't have the guts to keep it - not to leave you messages, not visit your accounts for updates at least for me to see your profile photo

...You may still be irritated or annoyed at my out-of-place kakulitan or I'm just assuming things again...but why dont you want to talk to me anymore?

...If you are able to move on with your life...I'm also doing the same. I dont love you as much anymore. Not because I found someone new. But I am learning to unlearn loving you at the same intensity as before or at least setting you free from my expectations. Yes, you were right. You are most of the time right...another reason why I easily grown to love you

...You are still the man I love at this time. But I have accepted that you cannot really reciprocate at the moment due to your circumstances. I cannot promise now that I will wait until you come back. You taught me that too...not focus to much on you to let other opportunities pass.

...I still dont understand why I easily accepted the background you told know how twisted by conservativeness is most of the time.

...My family and friends asks about you. They comfort me now...some say that you'll be back if we are really for each other...some tell me to wait but not to isolate myself again...some were shocked after knowing how serious our chats were already. Ate was glad that I met you, someone who understood me and how I think. Someone that is able to make me listen even without trying.

...You have that certain air of authority that attracted me most. You dont force me to follow you but i somehow do. You know it's one of the qualities I like in a man. Decisive but not forceful, authoritative but not dictating.

...I miss your lambing even if you deny that you make lambing. I miss even how you bid me good night

...I miss you extending your awake moments to chat with me even if you are already tired and sleepy

...I miss taking care of you even if it was only through chat and giving you instructions to care for yourself...give remedies as first aid.

...I remember you when its humid, hoping you wont be sick. I remember you when I have allergies due to weather changes, hoping you are not as affected as I am

...I remember you when other people mention topics we discussed before.

...I miss "winning" arguments with you specially that those are very rare occasions.

...I miss you when I cook carbonara or whenever I see a laurel leaf in adobo

...Everyday I check all our chat venues to see if you are able to read my msgs and hope that you'd read them within the day when you are not busy. I dont know how many times i have reread our chats, it never fails to make me smile

...I thought of making you miss me...but it pains me more missing you and not checking on you.


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