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My Rude Awakening VI

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 (2 days ago)
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Chapter VI

I was hiding behind the door when I gently opened it. Hindi ko na sya sinilip pero I'm hinting na pwede na sya pumasok sa loob ng room.

Our eyes met agad as he enters the room. He left the door slightly open while hawak pa rin ng right hand nya yung door knob sa labas kahit nakapasok na sya sa loob. I was behind the door naman holding the doorknob from the inside with my left hand.

Nakatitig lang kami sa isat isa at parehas kaming naghihintay kung sino unang magsasalita. He was standing there staring at my eyes pababa sa katawan ko and you can tell from his smug face na tuwang tuwa sya nung nakita nya na naka underwear lang ako.

I was about to say something to break the ice, when all of a sudden, he pulled me from my back with his left hand and straight away forcing his lips in to mine. I kissed him back gently yet willingly and I thought we are heading straight to the bed na so I was trying to close the door pero...
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My Rude Awakening V

Submitted by on Monday, 15 October 2018 (3 days ago)
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Chapter V

Every second feels like an hour waiting after sending him my room number…. I feel both excited and unsure at the same time. Unsure because I've been a perfect straight arrow my entire life and I have never done such things to make my life complicated. A couple of minutes later the excitement subsides then sising sisi ako sa decision ko. I kept asking myself "What are you doing J… this is stupid..." while slapping the bed out of frustration.

I got up and went to the toilet to freshen up a little bit. Suddenly I heard my phone ringing and it was Dan. Hindi ko sya nasagot kaagad kasi nga nasa toilet ako. A few seconds later nagsend sya ng SMS. Apparently, he cant use the elevator/lift without the door key card so he's asking me na sunduin ko nalang daw sya sa looby. Shit! I just realize na I still have an out papala to this situation. I can pretend na I didn't get his message or I was sleeping na while waiting...
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My Rude Awakening IV

Submitted by on Saturday, 13 October 2018 (5 days ago)
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Chapter IV

I went back to my hotel room and still bothered by the fact na Christian is dating somebody else na. Ramdam ko na hindi ako okay… not at all. I went to check Nat's FB page and dig deep into her timeline and I found a few photos of them together posted 2 years ago, this was around the time Christian and I parted ways. A lot of scenarios are running inside my freaking head; Did he cheat on me while we are still in long distance relationship? Is she the reason why we broke up and why Christian decided to let me go?..... My mind is set na. There's no way I'm coming back here in Singapore. I am fully decided na Dubai nalang talaga ako.

A few minutes later I saw a few messages from Dan popping up sa phone ko with some of the photos he took with me earlier. Kinakamusta nya ako and typical me just sending him single word replies to let him know na I'm not in the right mood to talk. Then he hit me with a message na...
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My Rude Awakening I-III

Submitted by on October 10, 2018 (9 days ago)
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Hi guys! I heard a lot of good things about FSS so i decided to share here the story that i wrote a few months back from another site. I never envisioned such an overwhelming response back when i first started sharing my story over there. Dumating sa point na i developed some serious paranoia issues kaya i chose to delete my story and moved my story in private. As i continue updating the story in private, i felt like hitting a wall and i'm starting to lose interest in writing again. It's not like my story aren't interesting, ofcourse mine's the best (joke!) but privately writing my story isn't providing me much of a thrill as i had before. Hence why i'm sharing it here ;)

If you have read this story before, you may notice a few difference in some of the details from the original writing. As you know I was careless about some of the details i shared with my story before and not realizing the risk of all information that i shared. Re-sharing this story also gave me some time t...
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