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My Rude Awakening VIII

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 September 2021 (5 days ago)
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Ch. 08 - Second in a row

Napahinto rin si Dan sa ginagawa nya sa akin. Sumisilip kami sa bintana while both thinking the same thing;nakikita nga ba kami sa labas?Dan was torn between answering the call or not as he held his phone habang pasilip silip pa rin sya sa window.

I went straight to the bed nalang feeling frustrated. I was so close to my orgasm to the point na hindi na ako nagwo-worry kung nakikita ba talaga kami from the outside. Heck, I don't even care if si Christian pa mismo ang nakakita sa amin…. I just wanted to cum. My body wanted to cum. How I wish that he called Dan after maybe a minute or two, Natapos na sana ako.

I wanted to keep my distance away from Dan if ever he decided to answer the call. So, I moved away from him and then humiga nalang ako sa bed ng naka-slouch with my upper body resting on maybe 2-3 pillows na magkakapatong. Si Dan naman nakatunganga lang sa labas ng bintana, unsure of what to do.

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My Rude Awakening VII

Submitted by on September 8, 2021 (11 days ago)
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Ch.07 - Hotel Room Window

As my mind starts to bring me back to reality, I thought about what I had just done. Suddenly guilt rushed over me. Feeling ko I'm going crazy kasi half ng mind ko sarap na sarap sa nangyari and the other half was yelling at me for loving it.

I was still sitting on the floor facing the room. I lay my head next to the wall on my right while I close my eyes trying to concentrate and think of any reason to stop this from happening pero wala talaga. Wala na akong kawala. This is really happening and there's no way out of it anymore.

"Alam mo ba katabi lang ng hotel mo yung condo nila Christian?.."I heard him asked. I opened my eyes gently and saw him looking outside of the window.

I know naman na malapit lang sa hotel ko yung unit nila Christian but I wasn't aware na overlooking lang pala yung building nya from my room. Besides, I've been to their place naman na the other day wh...
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My Rude Awakening VI

Submitted by on August 23, 2021 (27 days ago)
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Ch. 06: Just getting started

I opened the door slightly, just letting him know that he can come in. "J...?" I heard him asked as he pushes the door and let himself in.

Nakatitig lang kami sa isat isa at parehas kaming naghihintay kung sino unang magsasalita. He was just standing there with his right hand holding the door open while I was behind trying not to be seen from the corridor with my left hand resting at the handle from the inside. Tuwang tuwa naman sya when he saw me without any underpants.

I was about to say something to break the ice when all of a sudden, he grabbed and pulled me from my back with his left hand and straight away forcing his lips to mine. I kissed him back gently yet willingly at akala ko pa we are heading straight to the bed na so I was trying to close the door pero pinipigilan nya... he was pulling me even more so that I'm fully exposed to the hallyway.

Bumitaw ako sa kis...
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My Rude Awakening V

Submitted by on August 20, 2021 (30 days ago)
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Ch. 05: Turning a No into a Yes

I was a nervous wreck after sending him my room number… My heart was racing and I couldn't even tell if I was feeling excited or having a panic attack. I've always been a straight arrow my entire life and I have never done such things to complicate my life. Both of my hands were in my face trying calm myself down a little bit and when the adrenaline started to subside, a huge groan came out of me."What have I done?… this is stupid..."sigaw ng utak ko while slapping the bed out of frustration.

I got up and went to the toilet to slap some water sa face ko when suddenly I heard my phone ring and it was Dan. Honestly, I have no idea what to say so I just let it ring. He called a few more times and when I didn't answer, he just sent me an SMS. Apparently, he can't use the lift without a key card so he wanted me to pick him up sa looby.

No shit! I just realize na I still have an ou...
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My Rude Awakening IV

Submitted by on August 19, 2021 (1 month ago)
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We are in lockdown and bored to death. I hope its okay to repost some of these missing chapters here :)

The following events occurred right after My Rude Awakening I-III.


I got back to my hotel room with a heavy heart after learning about Christian's new girlfriend. I have no right to be upset pero hindi ko ma-control yung bigat ng pakiramdam ko. I went to check Nat's FB page and dug deep into her timeline and then I found several photos of them together posted 2 years ago, this was around the time Christian and I parted ways. A lot of scenarios are running inside my freaking head;Did he cheat on me while we are still in a long-distance relationship? Is she the reason why we broke up and why Christian decided to let me go?...At that time I just wanted to be far away with them as much as possible. They made my decision a lot easier... there's no way I'm coming back here in Singapore. I am fully decided na sa Dubai nalang talaga ako.

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My Rude Awakening I-iii

Submitted by on October 10, 2018 (2 years ago)
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Hi guys! I heard a lot of good things about FSS so i decided to share here the story that i wrote a few months back from another site. I never envisioned such an overwhelming response back when i first started sharing my story over there. Dumating sa point na i developed some serious paranoia issues kaya i chose to delete my story and moved my story in private. As i continue updating the story in private, i felt like hitting a wall and i'm starting to lose interest in writing again. It's not like my story aren't interesting, ofcourse mine's the best (joke!) but privately writing my story isn't providing me much of a thrill as i had before. Hence why i'm sharing it here ;)

If you have read this story before, you may notice a few difference in some of the details from the original writing. As you know I was careless about some of the details i shared with my story before and not realizing the risk of all information that i shared. Re-sharing this story also gave me some time t...
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