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Submitted by on July 5, 2021 (30 days ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

I need more intimacy,
Wanna feel someone else's flesh and skin and hairs under my hands.

Look into their eyes and know their body thrust me,
Know every single inch of ugly scars and hidden acnea, protruding bones and round stomach.

Wanna kiss, grab, tear apart and let the soft animals we are take over for once.

Be worshipped,
Trust and be trusted,
Need to be pinned down like a ragdoll.

Be touched like a craving man
Iwant it all,
And maybe I do want it
with you....
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Submitted by on March 3, 2021 (5 months ago)
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Your passion burns so very deep,
Like secret dreams when you sleep,
The passion burns so deep inside,
Such deep desires that you hide,
What can I do, what can I say?
Let your passion come out and play.

Like a wild, caged up beast,
Your passions need to be released,
Will it take a kiss to your lips?
Or the gentle touch of my fingertips,
I want you in my arms to hold,
As your passions start to unfold.

You've hid your passion for too long,
Now in my arms is where you belong,
As we hold each other close and tight,
And enter into this passionate night,
Something that is so long overdue,
Time to release the passionate you....
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Do It Now

Submitted by on February 28, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

It' been a while. Char. Haha
Thanks for dropping by.

Your sausage spreads my walls so far apart
And goes so far inside it scrapes my heart;
No other man could ever fill me so
Or make me come so often, that I know.
The orgasms you give me wear me out,
But OH! that's not a thing to beef about!
I want your beef inside me ev'ry night,
Over and over till the morning light.

I want to feel your rod explode in me,
Not trapped in latex, natural and free.
I want to feel your semen fill my cave
And wash away my senses with its wave.
I want you so much that I can't see straight,
I want you now, and I don't want to wait!...
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Just A Pure Pleasure

Submitted by on February 18, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:


The sight of it makes my mouth drool
So tempting, so irresistible.
I take it in my hand
Lick my lips in anticipation
Pulling back the cover
I gaze at the hard, red head
Sweet pleasure expected
My tongue reaches tentatively
Licks round tasting, savouring..
My saliva lubricates it…
My lips lightly touch its head
My tongue peeping out between
My mouth engulfs it…
Surrounds it, draws it in
Sucking hard to moisten
To release its juices
My tongue swirls round
Licks up the sweet nectar
Suck, lick, taste, mmmmm
I close my eyes …"ecstasy"
I am in heaven when
My favourite lollipop
fills my mouth.....
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Thinking Of You

Submitted by on February 17, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Here I sit broken hearted,
with my legs widely parted.
Thinking of you and your hard cock,
with it inside me, my world you'd rock!
Shove it in me until I scream,
your balls filling my pussy with all their cream!
After your balls have let it all out,
I'd lick you clean without a doubt!
I have 2 fingers in my pussy right now,
but I wish it was your cock, omg and how!!!
I look at the pics of your cock and stuff,
and I'm thinking that not cheating is going to be tough.
But I think that he has cheated on me,
so how fucking wrong would it be?
If I only had proof that he's stepped out,
I'd let you fuck my goddamn brains out.
I've seen that your cock is bigger than his,
and I bet you have much tastier jizz!
I wish you were here with me tonight,
you'd find out for sure that I'm OH SO TIGHT!
I'd first open my mouth and let you slip it in,
and I'd swallow your load with a cum eating grin....
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Yours And Mine

Submitted by on February 15, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

The curve of your lips,
The curve of your spine,
The curve of your cock,
All of it's mine.

All my features,
And all of my contours,
The slit in my mound--
Every bit is yours.

My tongue will slither,
And slide along your skin.
And you'll gently kiss me,
Before you slide yourself in.

Our passion will flourish,
As our breath becomes bated;
Our love will be nourished
After so long it has waited.

I will grip the sheets,
Til my knuckles turn white.
Making the bed squeak,
As I swallow your size.

Our bodies will rub,
And our hips shall clash.
With this kind of love,
I know it will last.

Your lips upon mine,
As you build up your speed,
Giving me the sign
That we'll get what we both need.

My heartbeat quickens
As our climax draws near.
The layer of sweat thickens,
Your moans are all I hear.

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Size Does It Matter

Submitted by on February 14, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Size does matter, if you're a car,
A bigger engine will take you real far,
Size does matter that's understood,
When we're talking about what's under the hood,
You need lots of power to make those tires squeal,
But when we're talking about women it's a whole other deal,
Because size matters when racing on a track,
But in the bedroom it's the motion in your back,
Because in a hotrod, you better have a big block,
But to a woman, it's how you use your cock,
Because in the bedroom it isn't a race,
To put that look of delight on her face,
Because in a car you need a big engine for motion,
But in romance, it's love and devotion,
So where size matters on a drag strip,
In love it's a whole other trip,
In a car it's how fast you can go,
But in the bedroom, you best take it slow,
It's no race to cross the finish line,
Take it slow and you'll do just fine,
So remember you're a man not a car,
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Pussy Fairy

Submitted by on February 13, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

I know you love fuckin' me,
I can tell by the way you in love with me.

You can't get enough of me,
Well, I guess it's lookin' like you stuck with me.

'Cause I got you sprung off in the spring time.
Fuck all your free time,
You don't need no me time
That's you and me time.

We be gettin' so loud
That dick make my soul smile
That dick make me so damn proud.

Now lay your head down on the pillow,
Turn the lights down real low
I want you to say my name.

Close your eyes and let your feels go,
Now you're gettin' real close
Baby, I am on the way.

Now that I've got you right here.
I won't let you down, down.

Don't be surprised, baby, it's just me.
Don't be surprised, boy, when I buss it wide.
I hypnotize you with this pussy.

Now you feel like you can fly.

I got you sprung off in the spring time.
Fuck all your free time
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Submitted by on February 11, 2021 (5 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Swimming with a Pisces every night
Ain't really that deep, but he deep inside
Head like a Scorpio.
Shy like a Cancer, water all in them planets.

He said, "I wanna undress you
I wanna impress you, but I ain't gon' press you.
I wanna undo the things I said before".

Damn, I ain't been this wet in years.

It's the way you drink it down like you're thirsty
Tie me up, pin me down, show no mercy.
Nibble on it, kissing it like a Hershey.
You could be the boss, I'll let you work me.

I'll let you finish on the tat, it says tsunami.
Bust down on your future baby mommy.
Uh, fuckin' in the whip, top off.

Do a quick dick drop off.
Guess your old bitch is all talk
I ain't never seen it down south.

God damn, I wanna undress you
I wanna impress you, but I ain't gon' stress you,
I wanna undo the things I said before.

Damn, I ain't been this wet in years.
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One, Two, What Did Spicy Do?

Submitted by on June 14, 2020 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Fetish, First Time, One Night Stand · Tags: ,

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