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I am me.
Each day I walk my own journey.
I have a lot of flaws and weaknesses.
I will not change myself just to fit in but I am trying to be a better version of myself.
Because I am me.

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Submitted by on May 12, 2022 (1 year ago)
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im always smiling
but deep within i am crying
people see me strong
but deep within i am fragile

behind my smiles are loneliness
wearing a fierce look to conceal my pains
i look controlled but inside me there is rage
while fears are building up behind my serious face

I did my best to succeed
but all is left are my hopes and dreams
My glory days are long gone
I am no more but an old man

before my journey ends
i will reminish my hits and misses
am i worthy to live a life
or am i a fool who wasted my own life...
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Early Morning Thoughts

Submitted by on August 31, 2021 (1 year ago)
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Dear Mommy,

Tatlong taon.

Ganun na pala katagal mula nung una kitang makilala. Kahit sobrang taray at ilap mo, na kahit yung PM ko sa messenger ng Monday ay rereplyan mo ng Thursday.

Una kitang nasilayan nung nag EB yung mga tao sa gc natin sa Megamall. That was 2018. Kahit may importanteng meeting sa office, nag half-day ako just to get the chance na makita ka ng personal.

I never regretted that day.

Hindi ikaw yung tipo ng babae na may maladiyosang ganda. Una kong napansin mga mata mong tila laging nang-aarok pag tumingin. You're petite sa height mong 5'1. Morena.

But your personality? Thats the addicting one. Napaka natural mong kasama. Walang kaartehan. Either usapang seryosohan or biruan, walang tapon. Panalo din ang sense of humor kahit madalas ka din naman pikon. You're either heaven or hell depende sa lakas ng topak mo. Napaka-sweet mo. Maasikaso.

From a friend to boyfriend.

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