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Internship Programme Finale

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 (3 days ago)
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nagslide si Z pababa mula sa pagkakandong nito, sumilip muli sya sa likod to check kung may tao sa labas. she smiled and tuluyang lumuhod sa harapan ko, and quickly open the zip of my pants. she pulled my hard dick right away and start playing it with the tip of her tongue. she then started licking ang kahabaan ng dick ko na rin and butas ng pagkalalaki ko with fast handjob. She is getting better and better on sucking dick unlike last time she did sa pantry, that was her first sa akin before we go back. i still remember na sumasabit pa yun sa ngipin nya and laging nasasamid.

in a while she stood up, pull of her panty and it was red - she know my fave color. i ask her if i can play with it first kaso sabi nya, wala ng time and she's already wet na rin daw -pinasok nya middle finger sa pussy nya to show its dripping already. bumalik siya sa pagka kandong and put mine inside her in split second, she kiss me hard w...
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Internship Programme 3.0

Submitted by on July 13, 2021 (10 days ago)
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Days, weeks, months pass by and Z is still the same, nothing changes between us. in the office, pag may pagkakataon she still grabs my dick and jacks me off a table or pantry. she was still seducing me with all those sexy office outfits, maxi dress without bra and just covered herself with cardigan para di obvious. sa gabi naman, she seduced me in chat then pag tinitigasan na ako, biglang magvivideocall to show her my dick. Sometimes she requests to jack off hangang labasan daw ako and imagine a pretty face nya at naka-nganga daw sya.

Due to an internship program about to end in a month, Z became more aggressive and sultry. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, I need to fcuk her before she leaves. I have a project, and I need to go to the client office for a week to check and update theSketch-up. medyo badtrip kasi mababawasan pa mga days ko kasama si Z sa office pag nagkataon. I tried to convince the client if possible to bring an intern onsite for experience and they agreed, also Z is mo...
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Internship Programme 2.0

Submitted by on July 6, 2021 (17 days ago)
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so months pass by, and Govt declares to ease some of the restrictions. Some can go back to the office in shifts or day by day status, depending on Company discretion. End of week nagbigay na ng list ang company ng per team schedule effective next week. magkahalong thrill at the same time pag-iingat lalo na during this pandemic. So my team including "Z" where assigned tue/thur.

Almost 2 weeks after we came to the office, Z and I were very casual and professional during our stay for twice a week. maliit lang office namen with 2 meeting rooms. It's already my way of teaching na tumabi sa upuan ng mga tinuturuan ko, either male or female. so walang issue naman iyon sa HR knowing singapore is one country na very particular sa mga sexual harassment lalo na sa mga offices. while discussing in table, usually they often give space for me to use their mouse and keyboard while discussing but not Z. she stay near beside me na halos nagkakatuhuran na kame knowing she is long-legged, but...
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Internship Programme

Submitted by on June 29, 2021 (24 days ago)
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december 2019 before pandemic, when my Boss asked me to interview fresh grads for a new vacancy in our company. This is my first time my Boss trusts me in this role and i'm very grateful to know that those I will be chosen will be part of my team. Wala pang pandemic so we are still very relaxed on hiring local singaporean especially those fresh grads for our firm.

im Sen, working as engineer sa isang middle firm dito sa SG. i've been here sa SG for almost 3 years after ko magwork sa HK ng 4 years. Tatlo lang kameng Pinoy so far dahil sa higpit ng quota for foreigners. Di mahirap sa akin makipag-usap sa mga chinese na locale dahil marunong ako kahit papano ng mandarin.

i got the list of all applicants, and "shit! puro bayag" sa isip isip ko. mostly graduate pa ng technical course so walang experience sa basic planning or decision making talaga. Almost end of the day na ng inabot sa akin ng HR na CV na nirecommend daw ng isa sa mga staff. in my surprised, shes a fem...
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