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I love talking about thoughts and bringing up experiences that will make us both strip our pants down.
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Social Battery On The Low

Submitted by on June 29, 2022 (7 days ago)
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Hello! Been a while since I let out my thoughts again. Anyway, salamat sa mga sumusupport sa aking writings! Your views and feedback are much appreciated.

So I've laid low over the past few days due to working too much. I know, I know, dapat nagpapahinga ako when I can, pero I'm wired in a way na gusto ko, tapos muna lahat ng gawain bago magpahinga. Nagkataong madaming gawain recently, kaya hindi halos makapahinga.

Nung natapos naman lahat ng gawain, I felt... empty. I was yearning for work, and it got worse to the point na I had to be forced to take a vacation so I could slow down. Didn't do much at all for me, mas lalo ko pang hinanap ang work.

My social battery is drained to the point na I just wanted to be alone, and I haven't replied to messages (I am so sorry).

For now, I've been seeing better days, slowly but surely.

But a piece of advice I can impart - slow down and take it easy. Rest whenever you can. Sa wor...
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Moves That Drive Me Crazy, Part 2

Submitted by on June 22, 2022 (15 days ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur · Tags: , ,

Everything starts with a little bit of tease.

Kaya naman one of the things that drive me crazy is how my partner teases me. Sure, getting down and dirty while both your libido is in high gear is the point, pero what's sex without a little excitement?

That is where striptease comes into play.

I always have my mind blown seeing my partner strip down in front of me. Especially when she strips down to her lingerie.

Isa sa mga bagay na cinocompliment ko ang partner ko in sex is her choice of lingerie. I always like lace undies, that's an instant turn on for me. I just like how it looks on my partner's body.

While my previous partners know about my preference in lingerie, my last fubu took me for a ride that I wouldn't forget. She was wearing lace undies that I liked - but to my surprise, it was an open-cup bra and open-crotch underwear. That made for a unique experience, because she was basically exposed that time. (We did the deed with...
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Moves That Drive Me Crazy, Part 1

Submitted by on June 11, 2022 (25 days ago)
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It is more common for men to take their partner from behind and rub their partner's pussy. Whether it's sensual or rough, that's mostly the case, in the sense na kadalasan sa scenarios, ang lalaki ang dominant.

But what if it went the other way around?

One of the moves na ginawa ng fubu ko nung college that drove me crazy was that she would embrace me from behind and stroke my cock. And she usually did that out of nowhere.

The first time she did that was when we checked in a motel. I went to the shower first (as per usual, I always shower before sex) and she followed. Of course, there was a bit of teasing here and there, but I was not expecting na nung pagtalikod ko sa kanya, she would embrace me from behind and grab my cock. She stroked it with her soapy hands, kaya naman the pleasure was unbelievable, and she was able to make me cum by just doing that. Super naturn on ako sa kanya for doing that, so I reciprocated by giving her one of the best fucking...
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Sanaol Sa Bus

Submitted by on June 4, 2022 (1 month ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur · Tags: ,

This happened way back 2 years ago. Napaluwas ako non para mag-asikaso ng documents somewhere, so I had to take leave from work.

A few hours after ko maasikaso ang aking papers, I decided to head home immediately. Wala rin naman akong gagalaan don, and the long wait was super tiring, so I boarded the bus. Sa may bandang likod ng bus ako umupo, sa seat na malapit sa bintana, as I always preferred.

Not long after makaalis ang bus, may sumakay na couple na umupo sa seats across from where I seated. I paid them no mind (why would I, diba) at dahil sa pagod, decided to take a nap. I felt at ease dahil kakaunti naman ang tao sa bus non.

Paggising ko, napasana all na lang ako.

Nalingat ako sa couple na iyon to see na binoblowjob ng babae si lalake. For some reason, hindi ko alam kung aware ba sila na napalingat ako sa direksyon nila at mukhang sarap na sarap naman silang dalawa sa ginagawa nila. Hindi na lang ako lumingon sa side nila at hinayaan na...
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Submitted by on May 21, 2022 (1 month ago)
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It takes so much for me to be completely turned on.

While I have a lot of sexual and non-sexual turn ons, madami pa ring bagay na maaaring maging hadlang for me to be fully in the mood. Pagiging busy sa work, insistence on more interaction, overall lack of interest in naughty conversations, or just the need for my alone time are just a few of these reasons.

But when I do get turned on, I will get fixated on it for a long time. And in some cases, as I play with myself, may halo nang gigil.

There is always something unique that I can see towards a person that will get me turned on and leave me wanting so much for them, and it's not just the physical aspects. It could be their appeal, their character, or the overall impression they give off.

It's a euphoric feeling na while pleasuring yourself, you think of the person na nakapagpaturn on sayo. Even more so if kausap mo sya and you are both in the mood. It makes for an astounding orgasmic experie...
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Of Turn Ons And Kinks, Part 3

Submitted by on May 17, 2022 (1 month ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Erotic Couplings · Tags: , ,

Been a while since my last writeup. Hope you enjoy this one! Feel free to drop a message in my inbox for inquiries. Thank you!
The thought of a delayed orgasm might be deflating for others, pero para sakin, I think it's absolutely hot.

The buildup of excitement, the intensity of the moment, then the sudden stop of it. Nakakafrustrate mablue balls, I know. But being left with it makes the feeling of wanting to orgasm all the more intense.

I remember my fubu pulling one over me - biling-bilin nya na if I'm about to cum na, sabihin ko sa kanya, only to be surprised na she'd break off from all the action and leave me there with my hard cock and teasing me because she just gave me blue balls. And when I attempted to continue the action, she'd just laugh it off and say na she'd let me cum, only to do the same thing later.

When she DID let me cum, grabe. Ramdam na ramdam ko yung intensity as we had sex, I was rougher tha...
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After The Burnout

Submitted by on May 3, 2022 (2 months ago)
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Hello FSS! It's been a while since I last wrote here. I did mention sa aking huling writeup that I will be laying low for a while due to some important matters na kailangan kong ayusin. I'm back now, but I wouldn't say I'm at a 100% okay and up for conversations. Yes, even naughty ones.

I've been working nonstop as of the recent days and no matter what people tell me - such as taking it easy, don't stress myself, find time to rest and everything - I end up na nafifixate ako sa trabaho to the point na I overwork myself. Ganito na talaga ako - ironic, given the fact na alam ko sa sarili kong napakatamad kong tao.

But that's not the reason why I have burnout.

Matagal na ako actually nakakaramdam nito, and I guess I'm just trying to get by kahit pagod na pagod na ako. I do what I can to try to relieve myself of the stress kaso it keeps piling up talaga. I know I'll see better days, but at this point, I'm just spent.

My apologies sa mga nakakausap...
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Taking It Easy

Submitted by on April 23, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Taglish · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: ,

Hello, FSS! Especially sa mga readers na nakasubaybay sa aking writings (assuming na meron.)

I will be taking some time off the site to allow myself some time to take things easy. I will drop by pa rin naman sa lobby from time to time; check my mails here to see if someone left me a message (not like there would be any), but as far as writing goes, I will be putting my plans for writing on hold.

I need to focus my energies on more important stuff at the moment, and I will need every ounce of my attention for some crucial tasks ahead. Rest assured naman na I'll be back soon.
Anyway, I didn't just plan to write this as an announcement, but to also leave something for the readers here.

While we love our stay here in FSS - kahit pa reader lang tayo dito or active sa lobby, wag sana nating kalimutan na meron tayong buhay sa labas ng site na ito na kailangan nating bigyan ng pansin. FSS will always be a part of us - but that's s...
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How Would You Rate Yourself?

Submitted by on April 18, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Taglish · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: ,

Okaaaaay, for a change of pace lang. Hehe. This will be a sort-of "getting to know the author" and an honest evaluation of myself - rest assured na what I will be telling here will be my sincere assessment sa aking sarili. I will be rating myself according to the following criteria: looks and appearance, voice, personality, and sex drive. 1-10, 10 being the highest.

Looks: 6.5/10
- Personally, I feel and I know na hindi ako gwapo. Hahahaha! I am chubby (dad bod na kahit single), have a sizeable belly (not beer belly tho, di ako mahilig uminom) which is why looks tend to be my insecurity talaga. I put 6.5 there kasi what I lack in good looks, I make up for in style. Nabawi na lang sa porma, ganon.

Voice: 9/10
- Has to be one of my best assets. I have a deep voice, which is mostly a turn on for some ladies. I also sing. :)

Personality: 7.5/10
- Not really sure how I would judge this, but I try to get along with others naman as much as I can...
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Unfulfilled Fantasies 2

Submitted by on April 16, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Erotic Couplings, Fetish · Tags: ,

Salamat sa mga patuloy na sumusubaybay at sumusuporta sa aking writings! I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave me a message or chat me up on TG if you have anything to ask, or if bet nyo lang ng kausap. Haha!

This is not uncommon. I think of all the fantasies I have, this is the most... meh. But I'll say it as it is.

Isa sa fantasies ko is to be able to have sex with someone older than me. By that, I mean yung nasa 30s. (nasa 20s pa lang naman ako.) With good reason, of course.

As we age kasi, nagbabago ang perspective natin sa mga bagay. Sex is one of them. Sa una, ang habol lang is purely pleasure - and as we age, hindi na lang purely pleasure brought about by sensation, na basta pumapasok/pinapasok ka nandun yung sarap. Yung tipo ba na yung pleasure na nararamdaman mo is because alam ng partner mo ang ginagawa nya sa kama. I hope I make sense with that statement.

As I was saying, I fantasize about having...
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