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Wife And Boss (Oneshot)

Submitted by on December 1, 2019 (6 months ago)
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Guys, I owe you an apology. I am sorry that I wasn't able to publish the continuation of "Magkakaibigan". I have written several chapters, along with my other stories, but I have decided to never publish any series until it's done. I couldn't get my head around it so I will have to find the right rythm, saka ko tatapusin yung stories, and then publish it here. Meanwhile, I am offering this oneshot as penance. It's not a very good one as I am not the best writer. But still, accept this.


"Hi honey! This is my boss, Christian. The one I am talking about." Kabado kong sabi sa asawa ko.

Tinitigan ng asawa ko si Christian.

"And how is it that you are with my wife Sir Christian?" tanong ni Gerald.

"Oh, Mylene and I we're disucssing my new business ventures. I'd like her support so I am trying to talk her into it."

"Is that it honey?" He asks with a bit accu...
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Magkakaibigan I

Submitted by on April 17, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Hi! I'm Bradd. I have a story to tell. If you are looking for something new, you may not find it in my story. Sa totoo lang, typical ang istorya ng buhay ko. I'm a regular employee in a Japanese car company and my wife, Angel is a University faculty member.

To describe ourselves, I'm 6' foot tall while my wife is at 5'6. Varsity ako dati sa school. Well, I'm still a basketball player now pero amateur lang, together with my friends, Andy, Kael at James. In terms naman of looks, I can say gwapo talaga ako. I have a fair skin, well built body, and a face with foreign features. Mukha daw akong "Kano" sabi pa ng mga kaibigan ko noong una kaming magka kilala. Ang asawa ko naman, she is a complete angel. Napaka puti ng asawa ko. And she has a smoking hot body. And she is so beautiful. Although I did not fell in love with her because of that. It's because of her personality. She is very kind, loving at masayahin. Sa grupo namin, ako yung konsensya. Yung kumbaga, ako lagi nagpapa al...
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