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Exhibitionist, loves to tease, doesn't wear bra and panties except on red days hihihi. Chubby mom, with 2 kids. Most importantly, separated :)

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Gym Workout

Submitted by on October 4, 2019 (14 days ago)
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Here is my new adventure. Sorry medyo natagalan.

Medyo short lang to.

Nagkaron ako ng idea when I was revisiting my confessions here. Nabasa ko uli yung jogging adventure ko, then an idea came to my mind.

Naisip ko na mag gym with the same outfit I wore when I jog, so I went to a gym na somewhere in QC na malayo samin.

When I got there, I wore a jacket and pants muna, then nung nagstart na ko maggym I took off the jacket and pants and as usual wala na naman ako undies.

So, I started stretching, and I intentionally situated myself sa medyo madaming guys. I spend like 20 minutes stretching then I started really working out. Treadmill and other cardio machines and workouts.

I do occassionally see some of the guys really trying to look at me, yung iba sa mirror dinadaan yung pagtingin yung iba simpleng lingon hihihi

It was fun, not as daring and risky as some of my adventures, but still I was we...
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Respect Always

Submitted by on September 30, 2019 (17 days ago)
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I just want to say that even we are all in this kind of website, no one has the right to disrespect, be rude or insult people and say that "nasa ganitong website naman".

You cannot force a sexual conversation on someone just because you are in an adult website.

No place can give you the right to insult and disrespect people. Use you head instead of your dicks.

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Submitted by on September 18, 2019 (1 month ago)
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Hi Guys,

Sorry magrarant lang ako.

Naobserve ko lang kasi na pag nalalaman ng lalake na older na ang kachat nila laging ang tanong "Nasan si hubby?", sa totoo lang kasi nakakairita, siya ba gusto niyo makachat?

Madami namang way of asking kung ano status ng isang babae, pero para tanungin pa kung nasaan yung partner niya, nakakairita talaga.

Magkachat na nga kayo itatanong mo pa yung tao na di naman kasali. Maybe it's because I am separated and I hate my ex, but, still its frustrating to see that kind of question.

Pwede kayo magcomment para naman maintindihan ko, pero that's what I feel whenever I get asked by that question.

Thank you....
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Motorcycle Rides

Submitted by on August 29, 2019 (1 month ago)
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Hello FSS!

I have two (2) adventures recently and it involves motorcycles hihihi

So here it goes.

I started having this idea when I saw an "Angkas" the motorcycle version of GRAB. I saw a girl riding the Angkas in a skirt and her skirt almost rode up to her butt. That was when I had this idea.

So, I downloaded the app, and I planned on going to work in an Angkas. When the day arrived I purposedly wore a button down dress that was a bit shorter than usual and of course no undies hihihi.

After I book a ride, the rider arrived 30 minutes after and I immediately rode his scooter. And since it was a scooter, my sitting position is like I am squatting, which I eventually enjoyed.

Ayun, umalis na kami, I intentionally did not sit on the hem of the dress I was wearing. While we were moving, umaangat yung dress ko lalo na sa front pag medyo mabilis, I was starting to feel cold hahaha malamig kasi hangin tapos medyo mabilis takbo...
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Being Watched By Young Boys

Submitted by on July 26, 2019 (2 months ago)
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It's been a long time since my last confession. Medyo naging busy tsaka di rin madali gumawa ng adventure hehehe

Anyway, here is my latest confession, it happened with a help from a friend :)

Few weeks ago I opened to my guy friend that I wanted to redo the jeepney adventure we did that I wrote here as well. So, ayun sabi niya na he will try to rent again yung jeep. I also told him na gusto ko sana may passengers talaga para mas exciting, and he agreed naman na gawin if possible.

Then after a few days since naopen ko sa kanya yung idea, he contacted me that nakakuha na siya ng jeep, and ang difference daw ng magiging adventure namin is gagawin namin yun in broad daylight. I got scared and thrilled at the same time nung nalaman ko yun.

So, we decided on the date kung kelan namin gagawin.

The day came, napagdesisyunan din namin na gawin sa tanghali kasi yun daw ang time kung saan pinaka less ang mga tao na bumibyah...
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A Nerve-Wracking Adventure

Submitted by on May 27, 2019 (4 months ago)
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May ishare ako uli na adventure ko. This happened just recently.

Here it goes.

One day, I felt super naughty. So, I came up with this idea, it's a bit related to one of my fantasies kaya medyo napush ako gawin.

It was morning, I took a bath and wore a hoodie. Medyo manipis yung hoodie na sinuot ko since mainit, kulay gray siya and yung laylayan was about 6 inches above my knee, so medyo short siya, and as usual I have no bra and panties underneath hihihi.

So, I went outside, I did not use my car kasi I was planning on commuting wearing only a hoodie.

I first rode a jeep, I made sure na di aangat yung laylayan sa pwetan ko pag tumuwad ako pasakay ng jeep kaya todo hila ako sa likod hihihi. Pero nung pababa na wala na kong pakialam hahaha kung makita man ng driver or ibang passengers pwet ko.

Then, I rode the MRT and medyo boring at first kasi tayuan and nung nakaupo na ko, and nung may guy na sa tapat k...
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Early Morning Jog

Submitted by on May 2, 2019 (5 months ago)
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It's been a long time since I logged in, medyo busy sa life at work. Anyways, share ko lang naging kapilyahan ko yesterday morning.

Kahapon nga, after work I decided to jog somewhere na alam ko madami din nagjojog or workout, and since I knew it was a holiday, I assumed that mas magiging madami ang tao.

So, the day before, I prepared na my workout clothes. I was already getting excited habang hinahanda ko yung isusuot ko. I bought a very short running shorts na loose and a sports bra, both colored baby pink hihihi.

So I went to work the night before, after work I directly went to the place and I changed inside my car. And I saw na madami na nagjojog at that time, it was around 6am when I got there.

Di ko pa nasukat yung outfit ko before, so I was surprised to see how short my shorts was and mahahalata na wala akong panty, but of course yun naman goal ko hihihi.

So there I run around, trying to look for a location...
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One Fantasy Fulfilled

Submitted by on March 7, 2019 (7 months ago)
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Hi FSS...

Share ko lang nangyari just recently.

Just a background, one of my fantasies kasi is to be naked or fucked in a public transpo.

Pero I believe kasi na "fantasies, especially sexual fantasies, should be kept as a fantasy."

So, base nga sa title, it was fulfilled. Thanks to a friend of mine hehehe...

Ayun, my friend asks me to have drinks somewhere. He texted me kung available ako na uminom, and since it was a weekend I agreed. So we texted for a while muna, kwentuhan lang.

And of course nauwi sa usapang sex ang topic and he asked me kung gusto ko matupad yung isa sa mga fantasies ko. And I asked him alin dun, and he told me yung naked sa public transpo. And of course I asked pano mangyayari and he just told me siya na bahala.

So the night came, we went to a place where we can drink and around 1:30AM na kami natapos. And he asked me if I want to do my fantasy, and I asked again how and he just told me...
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Massage Night

Submitted by on February 19, 2019 (7 months ago)
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Hello FSS.

Share ko lang one of my adventures hehe..

One night, nakapanuod ako ng porn where a girl was being massaged by a guy and the guy was trying to feel the pussy of the girl, kumbaga simpleng hipo. Mukhang legit naman yung video kasi walang sex na nangyari and it was like a hidden camera.

Dahil dun sa napanuod ko, I had the idea of trying it. I looked for a legit massage parlor near our area and I found one.

So I drove there, and I asked if may male therapist sila and sabi naman ng receptionist na meron.

So, I requested for a male therapist and they led me to one of the cubicles, curtain lang naman yung partition kaya I thought safe naman.

So sabi ni receptionist mag underwear na lang ako, which alam niyo naman na di uso sakin yun hahaha.

I lay down on my stomach covered my ass with the towel and wait for my therapist.

When he came as usual he asked for the pressure sabi ko na lang na moderat...
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Insult To Other Writers

Submitted by on February 11, 2019 (8 months ago)
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Hi guys,

Share ko lang.

May mga nakakachat ako na medyo nakakainis kausap. Lalo na yung tanong na "Totoo ba yung story mo?"

Well, duh! Ilalagay ko ba sa confessions kung fiction yun? Meron na bang confession na fiction?

I just thought na nakakainsulto din sa ibang writers dito ng true stories to be asked if their story is real or fiction.

Sana lang sa mga readers, if you don't believe the story, just keep it to yourself kasi it comes to the writer na they are liars e.

Sorry for the rant guys!


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