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Kaligayahan kay Mary Palm

Submitted by on September 2, 2018 (24 days ago)
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Ishare ko lng personal experience ko. It migth sound weird or crazy but it brings pleasure to me when I cum using my hand.

Im a happily married man to my loving and caring wife. Di naman sya nagkukulang sa akin pagdating s pangangailangan ko sa sex. Minsan nga pakiramdam ko na ako pa nga ang me pagkukulan sa kanya.

May mga gabi kasi na kakatapos lng namin magasawa n magkant*tan at nakarami na ako ng putok sa loob ng p*ke ng asawa ko na halos lumawa na ang tamod ko palabas sa p*ke nya kaya nakahiga na lang sya sa kama na kahubad at nakabukaka at nakikita na tumutulo tamod ko sa p*ke nya at nalilibugan ako dun pero imbes na kant*tin ko pa sya at magising mas ginusto ko na magparaos ke Maria, Mariang Palad. Kahit nandyan na ang asawa ko at nakabuyangyang lang ang p*ke nya n puno ng tamod ko eh mas ginusto ko po na magjack*l para maparaos ang libog ko.

Minsan sa kamay ko pinuputol minsan naman ay sa puson ng asawa ko pero di ko pa nagawan na iputok a mukha...
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Satisfying My Wife

Submitted by on September 1, 2018 (24 days ago)
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Im new in this site but I want to share my dilema.

Im 37 yrs old married to my 33 yrs old wife, no children yet due to some problems but that not what Im writing this confession. Were been married for 6 years. We are now stablized: have our own house, car and a decent area of farm lot in own province. We are happy in our married life and in our sex life but I have this feeling that Im unable to satisfy my wife during own sex.

When I was still working and can go home regularly, me and my wife with have sex every other day or so. During our sex we kiss torridly, we take our cloths off, I suck and play her nipples and carress her clit while she stroke my dick. Then after that I pump my dick in her pussy after a few pumps i ejaculate and it all done, only one round then we rest a bit then a play with her clit until she cums.

That mostly is own sex but my wife says its ok and that she loves me and that not important. But I feel that Im lacking as a man, I...
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