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Fantasies For Wife - Part 1

Submitted by on November 19, 2020 (11 days ago)
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I have these fantasies for my Wife, actually even when we're just in bf-gf relationship, I already have these for her.
And let's start on this first fantasy.

Part 1: To go out in public places, braless.

- When we were still college, she's the typical woman who always have her bra. One day when we got home from school, I asked her to remove it since dalawa lang naman kami in the house. She felt different that time, parang naked daw though she's wearing a shirt. But sooner, she became confortable with this na.
Minsan lumalabas siya to buy some stuff at the nearby sari-sari store, pero tinatakpan niya pa using her arms, hanggang unti-unti, parang nawawala na yung hiya niya. She even accept deliveries from Lalamove guys, lumalabas siya ng bahay braless, kahit nakabagat yung nipples niya, parang wala na sa kanya.
These acts of her make me more horny for her. Nakakalibog, especially the idea na maraming lalaki ang nakakakita ng nakabakat niyang nipples....
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