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I'm planning to write a story/confession. Which will be more interesting for you guys? Mypp name is Romer (not my real name). I have been of an avid reader of FSS for years. But I usually lurk to read some stories. I usually read true stories. I enjoy reading stories about wife sharing, hipag or taboo.

1. Hipag ni GF (let's call Lexi)

Lexi is 26 years old. She was married when she got pregnant with her daughter.

I do sleep at my GFs house at times. She lives with her Sister in Law, Niece and Mom. Her brother is working in another province.

Lexi has a really big boobs and she usually wears no bra at home. She is usually careless when at home. She wears short shorts the are times i see her nips and panty.

Their house have two rooms but they are just using one big room. When i sleep there I also sleep in that big room. Can you guys imagine the situation?

2. Massage Therapist (let's call her trina)

I like to try d...
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