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Lame Slime Excuse (Lsex)

Submitted by on November 22, 2021 (10 days ago)
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So hi...Today I have the pleasure to share the follow-up encounter with my low-voiced-oozing-sex-appeal-co-associate.

This happened after our first encounter (confession re: Sadness to Soft Moans) in SOGO with my co- associate. For the purpose of this confession let's just call her Jane Doe.

One morning me and Jane have a separate meeting to attend in Pampanga with clients. So I went there with Manong Rex (not his real name of course), the driver of my client since they made an arrangement to fetch me back and forth in Manila. While Jane used her super tinted car (bat kaya super tinted noh? haha). My meeting started around 10am and after the meeting the client was super generous enough to treat me with lunch (the best yung bringhe).

So nung ihahatid nako, I just said to Manong Rex na I will stay muna in Pampanga since I am not busy naman during that time. That time I thought of buying pasalubong for Jane since she's a fan of "kakanin". That was the time...
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Sadness To Soft Moans

Submitted by on November 17, 2021 (15 days ago)
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I just wanna share this personal experience,. To begin, I'm on my 30's who's work is related to going to courts, including victoria court of course. hehe One time I have this buddy who's younger than me,. She's 29 and hot. Mataray, medyo low voice and her sex appeal is oozing.

After few meetings and discussions with her on a case we've been working on, she opened up with her personal life. Sinabi nya na that she's sad daw since hindi sya makamove on from her past relationship. I thought that, that was only a joke since she's a happy person and by her personality parang madali sya makamove on kasi nga yung sex appeal is overflowing and madali patawanin, always laughing with my jokes, be it green, blue or white joke.

With what she said, I uttered in jest to her "sex lang katapat niyan". To my surprise she replied " siguro nga, bat pwede ka?" At that time I don't know how to react, alam mo yung you're the instigator yet ikaw ang natameme. Kasi siguro, there are times...
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