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Book 1 Chapter 2 - The New Katie

Submitted by on Friday, 26 February 2021, 12:07 PM (9 hours ago)
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A heartwarming thank you for people who have read and supported my first writing. Thank you for the people who have provided their insights and criticism with my work. The work might be longer to progress per person due to recollection of what highlights my past.

Please understand that I am not sending any pictures to any of you and let's respect each other's privacy. Thank you.

Please enjoy my 2nd chapter.


Months have passed from satisfying between me and kuya. I am satisfied with what was happening to me without any guilt. I came, kuya came, and everything is win-win situation. Aside from naughty deeds that we do, he never forgets being a good kuya to me. He would teach me to be responsible in anything since he's anticipating that I'll be solo sooner or later.

Having my womanhood being eaten, finger-fucked, clit-pinching, and sometimes my cunt being slapped.

Back in province, I'm the type of jeans and ba...
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Hello everyone. This is my first time writing a story and please bear with me as I am not really into writing. My name is Katrina though I have 3 given names but of course I won't be revealing my other 2 given names. You can call me Katie or Trina. I'm now 27 and been residing here in Maryland for the past 4 years and working here. What I'm about to write is my personal experience but due to website's rules and regulations, age progression won't apply until further notice. I'm writing this with my point of view as 27 years old turning 28 in a few days.

It all started when I moved in Manila to study. That was my father's wish, to take care of me since most part of my childhood I was with my mom. To give you an idea, I'm a child born out of adultery. My mom agreed to my dad's wish to let me study in Manila. I packed my bags mid-April so there would preparation and adjustments before the school year begin. Dad brought me to his home and I met my step-siblings including tita. Th...
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