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Love And Separation

Submitted by on March 1, 2019 (5 months ago)
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If we can love someone so much, how will we able to handle the day when we are separated?

And if being separated is a part of life, and you know separation well, is it possible that we can lose someone and never be afraid of losing them?

I'm also wondering. Is it possible that we can live our entire life without loving anyone at all?

This is my loneliness. I lived 24 years now and I know just how bad loneliness feels. I fear it will continue to get worse.

I have been thinking: How willI make it from now on?... But I believe so much thatI can make it without someone else...

Eventhough sometimes, I have so much love for that someone...seems to be too much love I guess, that I forgot to leave something for myself...

But I believe, as time goes by, we would all agree that there is no such thing as "too much love".

Even if we made mistakes along the way, it's better than never having tried to love and be loved....
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Quality Time Is Precious Gold

Submitted by on February 11, 2019 (6 months ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: Erotic Couplings, Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Romance · Tags:

Saludo ako sa mga taong nakakapaglaan ng oras nila sa mga taong mahal nila. Busy man sila, makakahanap sila ng oras para tawagan or tawagan man lang.

Saludo ako sa mga taong kahit dito sa FSS nagsimula ang pagmamahalan nila, nagawa nila itong palaguin at pagyabungin: may tamang "dilig", may tamang "pakain", may tamang "pasok", may tamang "sagad".

Sinubukan kong makipagrelasyon dito. Una, taong 2016. It was a great start. I felt the love and chemistry. Ibang iba siya compared sa lobby at tunay na buhay. Komedyante siya sa lobby but he really is a serious one.

Malibog siya and that's normal. May mga times na pinagfifinger niya ako sa shop ko na tanging cubicle lang ang takip. Papauwiin niya akong dapat ay basa ang panty ko. it was thrilling and exciting. Minsan nga, pag alam niyang naka-skirt ako, pinapatanggal niya panty ko when I go home.

But when things get rough, it was really hard. The love is still there but remained stagnant until such...
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