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Started being explored and exploring early in life; been into erotic situations accidentally and by choice; maraming ng napagdaan, marami ng natututunan. Yung mga ibang nangyari sakin similar sa mga fiction write ups dito. Except that yung stories ko, tutoo.

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All In The Fam 3

Submitted by on Tuesday, 23 April 2019 (1 day ago)
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Letting go of my cousin Joanne's cunt wasn't easy. It was one of the best tasting pussies I ever laid my mouth on. Wala pa halos balahibo though she's already 19. Yung dagta na tumatagas sa kanya sobrang tamis. So in my head, I was like, "So that's how a virgin cunt tastes like."

But as my tita said, give way na ko kay Diego. Tigas na tigas na rin sya. Si Joanne was partly covering her breasts with her hands, pero yung legs nya naka-open na ng bahagya.

This is all quite surreal. At this age, I have never seen two people have sex in front of me. Ang daming first time. Ang akala ko sa America ko mae-experience ang mga katarantaduhan sa sex. Dito pala, sa mga relatives ko sa Bulacan, of all places.

It's obvious si Diego was quite reluctant pero libog na libog din. When he moved closer to his younger sister, di sya agad aggressive. Hinawakan nya legs ni Joanne.

"Anne, buka mo pa ha?"

Joanne complied.

I was looking at Camil...
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All In The Fam 2

Submitted by on Monday, 22 April 2019 (2 days ago)
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At this point naisip ko magbaubaya na lang muna sa ginagawa nila. I stopped complaining sa madiin na pagkakahawak sa braso ko, and started enjoying my tita's pussy. Basang-basa, naglalawa. Tapos ang sikip. Dahan-dahan kantot nya sakin. May ungol and I felt her hands on my abs.

My two female cousins were busy also, they were murmuring kaya di ko masyadong marinig pinag-uusapan nila. After the nipples left my mouth, may naramdaman akong paglubog ng kama sa bandang balikat ko. Then before I knew it, my hita na nakadikit sa mukha ko. One of my female cousins was about to sit on my face. "Kuya Jegs usog kang kaunti." It's the voice of Camille, the older of the two girls, giving an instruction to her elder brother Diego to move aside a bit.

Then she leveled her cunt on my face. Biglaan, bumagsak puke nya between my lips and nose. The intoxicating smell. Fresh and moist. I started moving my face a bit, to aim for her clit. Then I started tonguing her. Tumaas sya ng kont...
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All In The Fam

Submitted by on April 15, 2019 (9 days ago)
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Ready na kong sakyan ang tita ko nung biglang may tao na naghahanap kay Tito Miguel. Bad trip.

Hinawakan ako ni tita. She jacked my cock off, mabilis. At the same time, she was yelling "Sandali lang, lalabas na." I couldn't determine if she was referring to me na malapit ng labasan or lalabas sya para buksan ang pinto.

Her hands went up and down my cock, while I was fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples. Hanep ang kamay ni tita, medyo sanay jumakol. Gradually I felt I was getting closer to the edge. And closer. Sabay putok. Tumalsik sa dibdib ko. Sa kamay ni tita. Nagulat sya at nanlaki ang mga mata.

"Wow, Lancelot ang dami…"

"Sorry tita, naipon."

Then she lets go of my cock so casually. Tumayo para buksan ang pinto dahil nga may tumatawag kay Tito Miguel.

After the first all-the-way encounter with my tita, I felt I should stay longer in Bulacan. Dapat ang vacation ko two weeks lang.

One thing ab...
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The PMs I Have Been Getting

Submitted by on April 15, 2019 (9 days ago)
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Una sa lahat, thank you for the feedback on our stories. Both yung sa amin ni Irish and the one involving my Tita, your response has been quite overwhelming. I get an average of 30 messages per day. We can't reply to all of it, but we've read all of it. Most of them are nice, in a way that they say they like the stories. Some are a bit strange, asking for contact number of our masseur, etc. There are a few weird ones. Such is reality.

The stories I share are all true, kaya madaling isulat kadalasan. There are times I have a hard time recalling the exact details. I would ask Irish and she would provide some info to fill the gaps. Irish also reads some of the comments and PMs. Nakakatawa yung karamihan, nakaka-shock yung iba. Yes we are fairly liberated but we still get shocked.

Dudes, I know a lot of you are curious about my girlfriend's body. But here's my confession: Masyadong amateur yung sharing ng pics and videos. Wala kaming encounters in the past that starte...
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From where the camera is, medyo I can see more of Ed's back than Irish's back. His broad shoulders and muscled arms are covering the thin frame of Irish.

"I can't see you guys."

"Ay sorry po sir."

Irish remained on bed, nakaupo. Ed stood up and brought the phone and the dock closer to bed. Pinatong nya near the lamp shade. From such angle I can see Irish more than Ed, which is much better. But I can still see Ed from behind my girlfriend.

Puwesto uli si Ed sa likod ni Irish. My girlfriend went on all fours. Ed's face was buried in her cunt again. I can't see what he was doing but the look on my girlfriend's face was that of pleasure.

Camera rolled for almost a minute before Ed sat on the bed. I could see his large cock, fattened by his cock ring, tigas and tigas. Pinaupo nya si Irish. Kita ko between my girlfriend's legs na naka-sentro na ang burat ni Ed. Dahan-dahan, Irish held his cock and guided him inside her.

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My GF Gets Fucked Hard

Submitted by on April 14, 2019 (10 days ago)
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Pinuwesto ni Ed ang girlfriend para kita ko nangyayari sa video. Tinaas nya left leg ni Irish, then he aimed his swollen hard cock into her. He rubbed his cockhead on her clit. Sideways, up and down.

I could hear the breathing of my gf. She looked ok, although she has her lower lips bitten, probably in anticipation. Pinasok ni Ed ang ulo, pero di nya tinuloy. Then he pulled out again. And placed the head again. Then pulled out again. Nilalaro nya puke ng girlfriend ko. Sinasabik lalo and I know this will drive Irish wilder.

Irish was squirming and moaning.

"Honey fuck fuck fuck this is a torture!"

"You ok honey?"

"Ye… yesss…"

Pinasok uli ni Ed yung ulo sa puke nya. I can hear the slippery sound. Tapos he pulled out and rubbed it on her clit again.

Irish was breathing harder.

Ed pulled out. Sumubsob sa harap ni Irish. Nasa bibig na naman nya puke ng girlfriend ko. Hayup. Nilalaplap. Dinil...
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I was trying to observe closely how my gf is doing. I can see her half naked body face down. Her legs were slightly moving. She just moaned loudly. She seems ok.

"Hey honey, all good?"

Took her a while to respond.

"Yes hon, I fell asleep and woke up this way."

Ed positioned himself on her side and started kissing her back. Her neck. He was licking every part of her body. He went kissing her ears. He arms and armpit. Irish was squirming a bit.

He was running his mouth on her butt, then towards her legs. He stopped to lick the back of her legs. Irish made another ecstatic sound. He kept going, towards her lower leg. Then up again on the back of her thighs. Tapos sa puwet uli. Hiniwalay nya ang pisngi ng puwet ni Irish. Then he dove right into it. Nakikita ko yung mukha nya nakasubsob sa gitna ng puwet ng girlfriend ko. Irish was raising her hips to meet his mouth. Umungol si Irish. Hindi tumitigil si Ed.

"Shit Ed ang...
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I paused before I decided to ring Ed up. Inisip ko muna kung ano ang possible chronology ng masahe ni Irish at pagdating ko sa condo naming sa Manila. Irish will be home by 5pm. Ako mga 10 to 11 pm pa. Strictly speaking, she's alone with Ed for about five hours at least. Hmmm. Concerning but exciting to think of as well.

"Ay sir kayo pala, hindi po kase nag-appear ang number niyo."

"I'm calling from Hong Kong kase pare."

"Ay kaya po pala. Musta po sir?"

"Ok naman. Gusto pa-massage ni Irish."

"Kelan po ba kayo pwede sir?"

"Mga 5pm today."

"Kala ko po sir nasa Hong Kong kayo?"

"Oo nga. Si Irish naman ang magpapa-massage, hindi ako. And she's available in our condo by 5pm."


"Did you hear me?"


"What do you think?"

"Sir medyo nakaka-ilang po ata na wala kayo doon, baka po…"

"It's ok pare. Request ni Irish."...
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My girlfriend and I were happy that our business trips were coming to a fruitful conclusion. She was flying back to Manila from Guam and I was flying back from Hong Kong.

She rang me on Messenger from the airport.

"Hey honey, looks like my flight is on time. I arrive 430pm in Manila. Ikaw?"

"According to the update from PAL, I arrive 530pm."

"Good! So I won't wait for you na at the airport?"

"No need, take the company car, I told them to pick you up. I'll just take Grab or Avis from the airport."

"Sure thing luv. See you tonight. Can't wait. I'll do wild things to you tonight."

"I'm getting hard just thinking about it! Eight days without you is a torture!"

"Really? Have you been jerking off to my photos?"

"Once lang. Sobrang busy. I sleep whenever I get back to my hotel. You, luv?"

"Once lang din, I tried. I was about to cum then my hotel phone rang to ask if they can deliver m...
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Tita Mounts Nephew

Submitted by on April 6, 2019 (18 days ago)
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Nag-umpisa ang araw ng wala masyadong nangyayari, until we started waking up one by one. Our uncles and aunts were up ahead of us. They started making breakfasts on the big table were the inuman the previous night happened.

"O Lance, hangover much?" my horrible cousin Richmond asked.

"Ok na ko cuz. A bit of headache but can manage."

My Tito tapped my back, "Sa susunod, dahan-dahan sa lambanog!"

Then my Tita Lucy, in a body-fitting yellow sundress, still braless, approached our table with a tray of coffee cups and a pot of coffee.

"O tanghali na, kape-kape muna tayo."

"Thank you, tita."

Then she leaned forward to me and whispered, "Thank you din."

I learned through breakfast that we were supposed to go to my uncle's pastillas factory. It's a 30-minute ride from where we are. The plan is to stay there for an hour, get all the finished products, para madala na rin sa palengke for sale.
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