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3 Ways To Bite Sexily

Submitted by on January 1, 2019 (5 months ago)
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Here are the three ways on how to bite/nibble your partner during lovemaking.

Just one reminder: You're trying to be Casanova, not Count Dracula.

1. Bite Erogenous Zones: Start with your woman's highly sensitive area-the nape. Once you have her asking for more, concentrate on driving her wild like nibbling the trail along the edge of her thigh, the curve of her waist, lower back and the areas below her breasts.

2 . Be Quick: Think about this: The longer your bite is, the more pain she will experience. So the ideal nip should not last longer-unless she ask you to of course. Or if she has a fetish around that area.

3 . No Biting on random areas: When you get carried away, don't just bite the first area you see. Biting is only pleasurable when it's the sensitive parts of your ladylove. Otherwise...
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