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Sweet Escape (Repost)

Submitted by on Thursday, 8 April 2021 (3 days ago)
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Hello lovely people of FSS! Let me Introduce myself, I am Lynette. If you guys remember, ako yung nagpapasulat noon kay Coleen or LouiseMaria. Sa mga readers niya mula sa kabila malamang nabasa niyo na rin ang mga writings niya doon tungkol sa akin. I'm in my mid 30s and standing at 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm. Could reach 5'9" to 10 depende sa heels. LOL

Physical features? I'd say, I was blessed with height and well-endowed, or so they say. Marital status? Married but separated. Wala pang anak at plano palang sana BUT things didn't go well with our relationship. You can say that I am back to being single but I already have someone within my radar. The apple of my eye. Okay! Moving on!

Sweet Escape: The birthday party

Written by: Frencheska L. Gray/ Coleen of PSErotica/ LouiseMaria of FSS

1:00 PM. September 17, 2019.

Nasa harap na ako ng bahay nila Coleen ngunit nagdadalawang isip akong p...
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An Update And Reminder. Second Blog Post Lol. First Story Soon (Hopefully)

Submitted by on March 27, 2021 (15 days ago)
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First things first, so please keep in mind that I am doing this because Coleen's loyal readers and supporters are asking for an update regarding her. Somehow, I transformed into a reporter for her. Oh! I can't wait for my payment. LOL

I also asked her for a copy of "Sweet Escape part one". Xavier courteously sent me the copy a while ago and I am going to post it again just to give way for part two. Para hindi naman kayo malito. I asked for permission from Coleen and she agreed naman. It's your story after all! She eloquently said.

Aaaaaaaaand! Speaking of Coleen. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday morning, just to inform the "COLEENATICS" who are asking for an update. She is resting right now. Both of them are pretty happy and excited as well. Parang matatagalan pa bago ulit siya makapagsulat guys kaya kaunting patience pa.

Coleen also wanted to thank you guys because her latest story just reached the 200 mark threshold for hea...
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Coleen/louisemaria Supporters. Coleenatics, May I Have Your Attention Please?

Submitted by on March 19, 2021 (23 days ago)
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The message came in at 3:50 AM and Coleen is officially out from writing. I don't have any idea kung kailan ang pagbabalik niya but I assure you guys na babalik siya. May katagalan lang given her situation. Recovery, new member of the family, mommy duties ETC.

I paid her a visit kaninang umaga together with nurse cobra dahil nasa hospital na si Coleen. Nag-decide na rin sila na ilagay na siya doon in order to monitor her situation and to avoid rushing her to the hospital just in case. She's doing fine naman as I relay to you guys her situation at todo bantay si Xavier. Mukhang mapapauwi pa ang kanyang tita kung makakalusot, let's call her tita M. Siya yung tumayong parent ni Coleen since maaga siyang naulila. Sa pagkakarinig ko rin, pati yata yung isang pinsan niya from Baler pupunta rin with Manong Teroy. They're still securing some documents and tests para makasiguro.

And to our surprise, she's still worried and she's still thinking about her story updates and...
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