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Casually writing about my experiences for stress relief and to talk about these experiences with other people. :)

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Continuation of Paula's confession about her first encounter with exhibitionism.

<Paula's POV>

"Ughhh... I can't believe I'm this wet and horny na"

I whispered to myself.

Shit. I've never been this horny while at school, I thought to myself. Not even when I was fooling around with my one of my exes during class.

I can't even imagine why I found it so arousing, more so, I don't even make small talk or kwento to any of the men who work for my parents, including sa family drivers and houseboys. With the exception of Mang Jun, who's been daddy's trusted driver for several years na, since I was in my early teens.

Like I was finding it even hotter na he was just some random blue collar worker, like how he was completely not my type, and that I was leagues above him in everything, but there he was...
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"B-babe...Mmm... may i-share a-ako sayo"

"But p-promise me na... y-you w-won't judge or get mad at me ha?"

"I've never shared this story to anyone... except ngayon sayo"

"This happened before we met... so... here it goes"


<Paula's POV>

Paula here, as you all know from our previous stories, I've started exploring and found out I had various kinks, including but not limited to degrading, dirty talk, and public play. This story is a retelling of my first encounter with exhibitionism.

Not to be a prima-donna or anything, but before I got together with my current boyfriend, I never actually commute masyado, especially within the Metro.

But, there was this one time na I did, and ever since then I've tried to repress my memory of it.

Until now.

During my...
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Part 2 - Public Restroom,

Hello FSS, Raf here again, dahil maraming positive reviews regarding my previous story, I wrote this continuation and several more about my sexperiences with my chinita girlfriend, Paula.

Part 1 of the story here with story background: https://www.filipinosexstories.com/story/34739-public-play-with-my-chinita-gf


Ako: "Babe hindi pa ako nilabasan fuck muna kaya kita ng quickie dyan sa public C.R ha?"

Sabay turo sa may public C.R sa tabi ng park.

Madilim na sa parteng ito ng park sa kanilang subdivision at malapit sa mga construction site ng mga bagong gawa at nirerenovate na bahay, kaya walang ibang naglalakad sa labas. Gawa na rin sa kapanahunan na iyon ay kasagsagan pa ng pandemya, at lahat ng tao ay nasa loob lamang ng bahay.

Hawak ko naman sa kabilang kamay si Paula at unti-unti ko siyang dinala sa may tabi...
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First time sharing/writing a story here, kaya I'll try my best. Short intro, I'm Raf, XX years old and working professional. This is a story about one of my experiences with my GF, Paula.


A little background about Paula, chinita-beauty, long dark-hair, pale skin, with 5'4'' height and fit-athletic na body. Saktong tits, 36B, with small waistline at masarap na hips. Ika-nga pwedeng pang model ang kanyang figure. Isang tingin malalaman mo na agad na galing siya sa mayaman na pamilya. May strong resemblance with Sana at ni Chaeyoung sa K-Pop group na Twice, face and body-wise.

Ever since we were in college, campus crush sya sa isang tanyag na universidad na pang mayaman sa Maynila. In fact may gusto sa kanya mga kaibigan ko at aminado naman sila saakin don. At mas lalo akong tturn-on noong nalaman ko iyon, I have a kink na I find it hot pag maraming nasasabik kay gf, siguro something close...
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