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This Is For You Alpha

Submitted by on Tuesday, 20 September 2022 (4 days ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

For the man who sang for me tonight

I adore it when

You gaze upon me

when your eyes met mine

For it was not into my ear
you whispered but into my heart

It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul

Your voice is a fire that consumes

Your passion is the light that devoured the darkness

You came in slowly like a thief in the night

Without giving it a think, I eagerly I abide

With a single embrace, all heavens danced

As we venture into this trance

For the man who sang for me tonight

Just go on with it

For I shall always

cherish it....
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Submitted by on August 30, 2021 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

At first, you're somewhat annoying
Your messages coming in at a constant rate
Calls every now and then
Persistence made me turn that roundabout
And I looked at you at a different way
You have captured my attention
I listened to your stories
I answered your calls
I laughed with you
I dozed to sleep with you
I woke up thinking about you
I spent my day wondering how are you
I looked forward to everything about you.
But you took that roundabout
And everything changed
All of a sudden.
Perhaps, it was just for fun
Perhaps, I was just your favorite that time
Perhaps, it was just a show.

I see the roundabout now, its my turn to go....
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Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Submitted by on August 30, 2021 (1 year ago)
Posted in Blog: English · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags:

hello to
you. I know
you're there
just lurking."

Followed with a grin.
You have seen me post this
several times. And, Yes, its for you!

Eight things I liked about you...
You and I never started naughty.
You and I actually started in singing.
You and I are both raised in the 90's.
You liked true faith. Kudos to Medwin M.
You're not that tech savvy. I'm just a step ahead of you.
Your voice sounded nice. It has a very unique tone.
You have found me!
In just a span of 15 minutes.
You are funny. You are intelligent. You are interesting.
(that's more than eight already)

Seven things you told me...
Spend some over time for your emails; as these voluminous emails gives me the chills ha-ha!
Wear your hair like this; Then you show me a picture of a lady with that very bol...
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To You My 2nd

Submitted by on August 29, 2021 (1 year ago)
Posted in Blog: English · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags:

Dear you,

I just recently learned that you, too, are here.
But I bet you will not read this,
as I know how busy you are.
I wanted to let you know that I wish you well.
I've placed you in the blocked list.
That will keep me from sending
Random "How are you?" messages.

Thank you for making me smile most of time.
Thank you for smiling back at me whenever our eyes meet.
Thank you for the laughter, you knew how I love hearing you laugh.
Thank you for the wonderful stories we shared.

Thank you for the kisses you have given, that felt so sweet.
Thank you for the hugging me tight, and letting me feel the warmth.
Thank you for the company you've provided.
Thank you for holding my hand...that simple gesture is so different
and yet, very touching.

Thank you for letting me feel that I was special somehow.

For today,
I'm saying goodbye to you...

Please take care of...
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Meeting Crush 3

Submitted by on January 3, 2021 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Taglish · Categories: First Time, Wife Lovers, Mature, One Night Stand · Tags:

A few minutes later, I kissed him on the cheek, and smiled. Umupo siya, nagtapis ng twalya at ng sindi ng sigarilyo, "Ok lang ba magyosi ako?" "Ok lang walang problema", hinila ko ang kumot and tumaligilid. "Oh bakit?" "Nahiya ako" sabi ko. "Mahihiya ka pa, halika rito" So, lumapit ako sa kanya at umupo sa tabi nia. "Anong gusto mong kainin?" "Ikaw na ang bahala."

Dinampot nia ang telepono at umorder ng pagkain. Tumayo naman ako at pumunta sa banyo to freshen up. As I look at myself on the mirror, I did not feel remorse, instead, that smile on my face is still there! "Ganito pala yon!" sabi ko sa sarili ko. Hindi ko akalaing mangyayari pero andito na. And I want more!

I went out wearing my blouse and undies at tumabi sa kanya. Maya maya dumating na ang pagkain at sabay kaming kumain. After eating, binuksan nia ang TV at nagsindi uli ng sigarilyo. "Dito ka" sabay turo sa tabi nia, so tumabi ako sa kanya uli, and pelikula ang palabas pero hindi ko na maalala kung an...
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Meeting Crush 2

Submitted by on December 27, 2020 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Taglish · Categories: First Time, Mature, One Night Stand · Tags:

I heard him whisper "I BJ mo ako." He really wanted it, and that's what I wanted,too, very much!

He was lying on the bed on his back. Room dim lit and cold. And I was going down on him. Sinusubukan nyang hawakan ako pero pinigilan ko sia. Sinabi ko uli "Dont touch me or I'll stop" and he did obeyed. I looked at him and smiled.

So I continued going down. I touched his manhood and kissed it gently on the head. Napabuntong hininga sia agad. "Shit! Ang sarap!"

I started giving it small kisses and ran my tounge slowly round the head several times. Hmmm ang sarap pakinggan ng moans nia. Then isinubo ko ang ulo ng dahan dahan while I am looking at him. Nakikipagtitigan rin siya and sometimes napapapikit. Pag mulat ng mga mata nia I am still looking at him and was smiling while doing giving him that blow. Sinimulan ko ang pag dila at pag subo sa ulo. Sometimes I'm also sucking it.

"You liked it?" I asked and he replied "Yes!" He sure likes it so muc...
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Meeting Crush

Submitted by on December 25, 2020 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Taglish · Categories: First Time, One Night Stand · Tags:

Its been almost four years since my husband left me. Malungkot lalo nung bago palang. Hanggang sa napadpad ako sa isang chat site. Met people online. But there is one particular guy who caught my attention. I was 2 years older than him. I am 40years old then. Nasa ibang bansa sia that time at ako naman ay nasa Pinas.

Fast forward to six months after. One day, he chatted and asked if we could meet. I asked why me, and he said why not. Syempre excited ako, crush ko yun ih. We agreed to meet. Nauna ako dumating sa meeting place dahil nauna akong makatapos s lakad ko. Pag dating nia, i felt blood rushed my face! Ang tangkad! And gwapo! Di naman ako kagandahan, hindi rin po pangit. Normal lang. With long curly hair and on the chubby side. Nagyaya na sia umalis agad.

Tumawag sia ng taxi and pinaderecho nia sa motel. Yes, sumama ako sa kanya even if it was my first time to meet him. Nag kwentuhan muna ng kaunti at nagyaya sia mag shower. Tumanggi ako kasi nahihiya ako....
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