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Shit seryoso ba si Joey? I stood there for like 2 minutes without even saying anything. I even forgot to close the freaking box exposing that scary butt plug in front of many people.

"Babe! Let's go!"

"We just got here? San tayo punta?"

Hindi ko man lang napansin na tumawag na pala si Joey ng taxi while I froze. Wala naman na ako magawa since andito na. So I hopped in and the next thing I know I found myself in a room of a cheap motel along EDSA.

"Strip babe!" I was like, who the hell is this person in front of me. Nagugulat ako sa mga commands ng aking boyfriend but everytime he speaks with his deep voice, para bang it sends a tingling sensation down to my G-SPOT!

At ganun na nga ang nagyari. Tangina. I'm all wet just like that. Ano ba namang puke to! What's gotten into me. "Babe! I said strip!" Nagulat pa ako when I heard his deep voice once again and another freaking juice flow ran down my pussy line.

Dahan dahan kong...
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What the fuck is going on! Hindi ako makapaniwala sa aking nakikita. AJ is fucking me! And this is ok with Joey?

"Aaaahhh!" And just like that. My body betrayed me once again. Lahat ng itinuro sa akin ng Papa ko about principles and purity were all thrown away when AJ started to push pull his cock in my soaking wet pussy.

"What the fuck is this Joey?"

"Just enjoy it babe. Come and suck my dick!"

The next thing I know is I have my head bobbling on my boyfriend's dick. Sinamahan ko pa ng kamay ang pagtaas baba ng aking bibig sa kanyang titi. I made sure that his entire tool would be soaked with my hot seducing saliva.

"That's it babe! Suck it good!" Hawak hawak ni Joey ang aking buhok and he used it to control my sucking pace. I was staring at his eyes while I'm devouring these 2 meats in my body. One in my mouth and the other one in my pussy.

"Shit bro thanks! I finally got to taste your girlfriend!" AJ was fucking me so...
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Hi guys! Let me introduce myself. My name is Zoey! I just turned 22 today, Yes! Birthday ko ngayon… and ang promise ko sa sarili ko is when I turned 22, I will finally share to the world my secret life. Yes! I am living a double life.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education in La Salle and currently teaches English at an exclusive school for boys in Intramuros. Lumaki ako sa isang well off family, I mean… as in lahat ng hilingin ko sa Papa ko ay nakukuha ko.

My father is pure Japanese while my mom is a Filipina. So… that makes me half breed. Hahaha! Half Japanese half Filipina. Although hindi ako kaputian kagaya ng most Japanese girls (shit kakainggit sila!). But I was gifted with such huge breasts, a slim body, and a plump butt. So in short, I am really a head turner. (Hindi naman sa pagmamalaki. Ahem ahem!)

My Papa really treated me as a princess when I was a kid. He used to dress me up like Snow White, or Cinderella… pero syempre h...
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