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Palaisipan Sa Gitna Ng Covid

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 (6 days ago)
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After a brief respite,
There is so much unrest again
Over the growing numbers of daily positive cases and the percentage of positivity rate in NCR.

Lately, I have had evil thoughts
For COVID to invade the armpits of the many people who take advantage of others,
Either knowingly or otherwise.

After all, I'm sure some of you share the idea
That only the good people should be spared from sickness, or even death, due to COVID.

Postscript, I become ashamed of my thoughts
After realizing that we are trapped living in a world that is suffering and afraid,
Where schadenfreude and holier-than-thou attitide have no meaning and place.

Sabi nga ng kanta,
COVID ka lang, PINOY kami!
Stay safe all!...
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Submitted by on January 8, 2022 (9 days ago)
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Di inaasahan
Ikaw ay dito matatagpuan

Nag umpisa sa pagpapakilala
Hanggang umabot sa mahabang kuwentuhan

Aking inaabangan
Ang iyong pagpaparamdam
Sana' hindi magmaliw
Ang ating pagkakaibigan

Kung sana'y ikaw malapit
Ako ay nagpalibre na ng malagkit

Kaya sa malayo
Aking dasal
Ikaw ay patuloy na pagpalain
At ligtas sa COVID
Upang sa gayon ay
Ang ating biruan
Ukol sa sibuyas
Ay di magamit....
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The Fuss About Fss

Submitted by on December 29, 2021 (19 days ago)
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Knowing FSS is an adult site, i had a ready list of expectations.

Surprisingly, after 2 months and running, I continue to make discoveries while navigating the site. Discoveries which far exceeded my expectations.

The site has a lot of entertainment to offer.

First, there is the ever so busy Main Lobby (ML) where everyone meet and greet and all are warm and friendly towards each other. And where you can whis and PR and more, eventually.

Second, there are several breakout rooms one can enter depending on one's interests or inclination.

Third, it provides a venue for our literary prowess -be it a story, a confession, a poem, or a blog.

Fourth, there is the 'email' feature which one can use to reach an FSS member who isn't online or to say something he/ she can't say in the ML, whis, or even in PR.

Fifth, there is also the 'find friend/friend request' and blacklist feature so one can add, subtract, and multiply...
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