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Separation Anxiety

Submitted by on October 31, 2019 (9 months ago)
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She saw him smile
Glitters in his eyes
That smile is new
Not familiar in her presence

He smiles for a reason
And the reason wasn't because of her
That woman is the lucky one
For she owns him now

Though in pain and in a verge of losing herself
She still managed to pray for him
And love him from a far
She sighed to herself and whispered something in between silent cries
"Damn Bab I missed you. Pero ginusto ko to"

She didn't want to leave him
But she decided to do so
Not for herself but for him
She knew he didn't need her
He was just lonely
Wasn't really ready for the real thing

Selfless she was
She didn't want him to be committed with her
She wasn't enough
And he deserves something more...
Much prettier,



And worthy.
She wasn't the best for him
That's what she thought

She was...
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Submitted by on September 4, 2019 (11 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

It will always be a lie.
It will always be - for
it always be the sorrow
of truth.

You are leaving with me
hanging in these feelings -
playing with fortune.

Someday, I am hoping.
A mile away,
with miles away - I'll see

Somewhere - to the place
we always wanted to be.
No, to the place where our paths
Where we shared our tears.
Where we unfolds the lies we have

Where our Pinky's have these promises -
that someday if all of these have overcome,
where our choice is to be with each other's arm,
where we spent these nights and days unending.

It will always be the truth.
It will always be - behind lies.

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So Done With Your Shit

Submitted by on March 26, 2019 (1 year ago)
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'Wag kang pasisigurado
Di lang ikaw ang tuso.
Kung akala mo ako ang naloko
Mali ka, ikaw ang dehado.

Oras, panahon at tiwala nilaan sa'yo
'Yun pala naglolokohan lang tayo
Ilusyon lamang pala na ikaw ay makasama,
Ingat sa daan baka ikaw ang makarma.

Kinalimutan ang nakaraan,
Para ang ngayon ay ang maisakatuparan
Pero para pala akong nagbubuno ng panahon
Sa puno na unti-unti rin pa lang malalagas ang dahon.

Malaya ka na..
Tinatawag ka ng iyong laman
Aalis na ako
pero bago yun...

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