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Letting A 40 Yr. Old...

Submitted by on August 27, 2019 (5 months ago)
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Hi mga kaFSS! I'm Mishael, describe ko lang sarili ko. 21 yrs. old, petite 5'1. Saktong boobs at pwet, regular kung maggym. Civil engineering grad. i had a 40 yrs. old fuck buddy at work. He's married and has kids. It all started when he offered me a ride home. Before i got out of his car he held me and kissed me before i know it he's finger banging me already. But my fit shorts is making it difficult so i told him na to remove it and it was pure pleasure from there. I came so hard. He asked me to hj/bj him but i declined. We did a lot of stuff but now his wife is suspecting about us. Because i called him one time and his wife answered. So now he's not talking to me anymore.

Eto problema ko. Nangangati ako. Hay. Kantot na kantot ako kaso wala. My fingers won't satisfy me anymore. Miss ko na ung burat niya. Sad. Pati pag pinuputukan nya ko. Gustong gusto ko yun....
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