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The Winter

Submitted by on Wednesday, 25 January 2023 (6 days ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Breath turns to foggy mist as cold wind blew
A message in riddle like whispers through
Cold darkness vibe engulfed the sun ruled sky
A blizzard brewing right before my eye

Those prying ears and eyes will never know
The longest nights of brutal wind and snow
Struggles fought alone till last drop of hope
On my knees dragging down in ruthless slope

Praying for this frozen hell to be done
"Shine on, shine on thou brightest summer sun...
...this cold weary heart needs thy genial warmth...
... relieving thaw from frozen winter month."

Sheer will despite the odds so close to nil
As mournful eyes endure this endless chill

- LeoSan 2023
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Submitted by on January 20, 2023 (11 days ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

As I went back to where this all began
Became the ruin of the former man
It taught a wisdom in unwanted force
This tiring quest bears nothing but remorse.

Unclear to what the fate alone might bring
A home whom I regret abandoning
Eclipsed, as I eject the fondness thee
Defiant heart in deep regret and plea

Memoirs reside within this hollowed dome
Deep imprints recalled as they freely roam
Theatric poems insribed on fancy walls
Her name still rings in my four chambered halls

Long coldest nights without you by my side
Doused in guilt, to You and Myself I lied

- LeoSan 2023...
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Felina: Family, Chemistry And Conspiracy

Submitted by on November 26, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: , , ,

The river of life gushing through its viens
Deepest red both symbols of life and death
Hard work endured, gasping for every breath
Blood in exchange for loved ones grandest gains

Purpose driven, sunk to the darkest pit
Catalyst for mining precious crystal
Dim frontier for brutal and essential
Grasping shards of hope between narrow slit

Prison where death agrees with certainty
Battle scars concealed by the greatest mind
Tears of remorse in the eyes of the blind
Lust for greater good equates casualty

The castle of money and suffering
Here lies the legacy of once-hailed King

- LeoSan 2022...
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The Inspiration

Submitted by on November 12, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

Where everything was ruthless and profane
She blooms like flower in this barren land
A healing from a norm of lust in grand
A guide to path of certain and humane

My world was turning slowly into pearl
Thy beauty shines like nothing in compare
Attracting lonely hearts in every stare
Our moments pacing to old-fashioned whirl

To me you are a Goddess in disguise
Lovely grace raining in this lonely realm
Relinquishing this heart to you at helm
Your enchanting glance is my own demise

Like the sonnets written to perfection
You my Queen, the source of inspiration

- LeoSan 2022...
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Her Legacy

Submitted by on November 10, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

The most memorable birthday I've had
If I could return back time for a while
Dearest moments with you I miss so bad
I'll go back to see thy beautiful smile

If pain and suffering could be conveyed
Mother for you I would dare to endure
If only the moments could be delayed
I'll venture the world for your only cure

Despite our deep prayers, the time has come
Well spent birthday marks thy graceful exit
Mother dear, your legacy lived therefrom
To thee we devote our life's greatest feat

Tears running down my face, thank you mother
Thy endless love for us lives forever

- LeoSan 2022...
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You're My Number One

Submitted by on November 8, 2022 (2 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

To the woman I loved in outspoken
Unto my precious, the search has ended
In my wildest dreams, my art forsaken
Thy purest heart, to thee I descended

A deity in this world, truly you are
I can't even help but to fall in love
Stunned as I watch like gazer from afar
You're the brightest star in my skies above

Love transcends beyond distances between
Be my guiding light in this world unknown
To thee I treasured all moments we've been
In my kingdom heart, you've taken the throne

The birth of my Queen, paralleled to none
Herra, in this heart you're my number one

- LeoSan x Herra 11/8/2022...
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Honor Thy Mother

Submitted by on October 18, 2022 (3 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

To the most beloved woman in this world
Thy faith and life long noble endeavor
Carrying this wisdoms I've truly pearled
This life, you're one I'll cherish forever

I, beholding thee to all you've bestowed
Beyond this life's never-ending struggles
Mother, this bright future to ye I owed
Triumphs I devote thee in all battles

Thankful to the high heavens all above
Thy sacrifices in all parts you've defied
E'er gratified for thine unbounded love
In this journey you're my angelic guide

Mother dear, thy genuine love and care
No art in this world can ever compare

- LeoSan 2022...
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A Friend

Submitted by on October 16, 2022 (3 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

Through hard times we forged an eternal bond
Delight brought like sunshine and morning breeze
Thy joy, like serenades through heartfelt fond
Transforming breathlessnes in radiant ease

A friend, in all goodness and bad you're there
In thought, always chase thyne own happiness
In this world full of perils and unfair
Conquered all in wits matched with thy finesse

Few of most trustworthy I've ever seen
In all odds, things can never be that wrong
With of all this countless battles we've been
Proving no hindrances can be too strong

In this modest art stating in no doubt
A true friend walks in, when the world walks out

- LeoSan 2022
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Moonlight Cry

Submitted by on October 11, 2022 (3 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags: ,

On this dark and brutal night
Wounded by all the fight
Not giving in to others' spite
Grasping hope in all of tight

With all these scars of misery
Healing from loops of injury
The road covered in mystery
Is it close? The brink of victory?

The lone wolf, in cold distress
Wandering in pitch of darkness
Moonlight in full lustrousness
Ending the ages of hopelessness

Guided by the shine from then on
Wishing for the delay of dawn
With moon's side poised in brawn
Strength to her radiance in pawn

Struggles fought side by side
Overcame in glory and pride
Love bloomed in rising stride
Even the stealth cannot hide

In the starry heavens he stared
Warmth in moon's endless glare
Inside the heart's burning flare...
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Bonds And Beyond

Submitted by on October 10, 2022 (3 months ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Sigh, reflecting the journey we've been
To this point the best all I've seen
From talks of delectable food
To personal stresses we both elude

Started in chatters, leaving clip in no foist
Baffled, it is a song in a fanciest choice
Surprised hearing an angelic voice
Leaving me scarred in striking rejoice

Learning about you till this moment
Fascinated, you possess a chef-like talent
Hoping someday savoring the delight
Spoiling with happy and festive appetite

Days have passed jiving on same salvo
Still remember about birthdays way ago?
No wonder we share bits of minds though
Laughing out loud! You're a fellow Scorpio!

Beyond our smiles reaching a rocky steep
Doing all the might for our ties to keep
We're only broken, sad and in weep
I trust thee, towards...
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