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is It surprising to know that some people just want to talk?
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Are You There - A Monologue Series

Submitted by on June 15, 2019 (1 month ago)
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(Yes) Are you there?
(Is it) Wonderful to know...
(All the ghosts) All the ghosts... Freak my selfish out...
My Mind is happy...
(Need to learn to let it go) I know you'd do no harm to me...
(But) Since you've been gone I've been lost inside...
Tried and failed as we walked by the riverside...
(I wish you could see the love in her eyes) The best friend that eluded... You lost in time...
(Burned alive in the heat of a grieving mind) What can I say now?
And it couldn't be more wrong 'cause there's no one there...
(Unmistakably lost and without a care) Lost all the love that we could have shared...
And it's wearing me down...
And it's turning me 'round...
And I can't find a way now... To find it out...
(Where are you when I need you) Are you there?...
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Thoughts - A Monologue Series

Submitted by on October 8, 2018 (9 months ago)
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Just because we've been through hell,
It doesn't mean that we can force others into that hell.
It's the rash reality that we can't fight,
That we just couldn't understand,
That we don't get.
It's true that life is sad,
And though people are sad,
We live our lives to escape sadness.
It can also be filled with pain.
But even so, we can't close our hearts off because of it.
It is because we have a heart, that we feel sad and pain.
But not all sadness and pain needed to be forgotten.
It is the reason why we want to become that man,
The man that acknowledges that sadness and pain....
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Rants - A Monologue Series

Submitted by on October 7, 2018 (9 months ago)
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Seconds turned to days.
Days turned to months.
Months turned to decades.

Things that shouldn't be forgotten were lost...
History becomes legend and legends becomes myth.
This too will pass...

While I stand in the edge of tomorrow,
The vastness of the horizon fills my existence.
Asking... Wondering... Hoping...

What difference have I made?
Will I be remembered?
Will my name echo thru eternity?...
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