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Bored Philomath,
Yep ! im a female i just happen to love both specie haha
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Submitted by on November 15, 2020 (14 days ago)
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Author's Note:And suddenly it just popped-up in my mind.

To all first timers and those that are already pros.
Fantasy and reality can be quite a blurr.
Im curious what are the main hindrance mostly to fullfil those desire and fantasy.
There are certain questions like, How does one deal with jealousy?
Guilt? Does anyone ever feel those?

or im just probably curious over nonsense!

thank you!!!!...
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Eve's Journal As He Plucked The Apple "Part 2"

Submitted by on November 13, 2020 (16 days ago)
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Author's Note:the continuation....

After some time, what happened between me and Denmark was long burried in my mind. New conquest arised but i learned more from that little experience with him. You see i grew up in manila and wearing skimpy shorts and sleeveless shirts were very common. Honestly at first hndi ko nman talaga sinasadya yung pag tease sa knila, it just happens. Sometimes me and my freinds would go to the river, taking the long route instead of the short one. I would wear shorts that hugs the curve of my ass and cute lil shirts that would reveal much shoulder and a lil cleavage haha, its pretty frowned upon in our province.

I remmember seeing these hungry stares from those young boys on our way to the river, yung iba naman eh pasimpleng susunod at kunwari eh maliligo rin daw sila. In there id take a bath while all the boys drool over haha! it was really fun, while swimming they would sometimes go to my side, kunwari da...
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Eve's Journal "Where It All Started" Part 1

Submitted by on November 11, 2020 (18 days ago)
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Author's Note: Bored out of my mind and just want to share my adventure

I can't barely remmember the first time i tried it, or even the very first time na nakaramdam ako ng libog at pagnanasa. As i sit here contemplating as to why am i even sharing my story, every deatils starts rushing back.

I was very young when i started taking interest in reading, from academic books, to those that are deemed dirty by some folks. Para sakin it wasn't even dirty, it was erotic. Maybe its the label that says its dirty which makes it more interesting.

On my teenage days i was pretty much exposed to different kinds of crowds. Even though my dad swore to be a muslim, my mom was quite a chill one. I remember hanging out to those kind of freinds, yung tipo ng kaibigan na alak ang kasiyahan.
I was so young and maybe naive in some ways, but in terms of being naughty, i know plenty kahit na virgin pa ako nun.
There are many of times sa inuman kung s...
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Eve's Journal

Submitted by on November 9, 2020 (20 days ago)
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Author's Note:First time writer, wrote my first tagalog draft but it wasn't saved, so i will write a preview of whats to come na lang po.
i will still write the very first of it all sa susunod na post,
For now dive agad into something kinky hehe
Sana po magustuhan ninyo!

Today, after a long time of patiently waiting and planning, at last , the right chance has come.
I was excited and a little nervous when i heard the sound of my alarm, reminding me of what to come. I was even afraid i woke up late. So i texted Sir and confirmed what time is he going to fetch me. Immediately, i prepared and waited for him.
The ride to his place was never been boring.
talking to Sir has never been boring, period.
He always have interesting topic and ideas, and i always admired his way of thinking..
Topics from kinky to manners, arts, and even politics was discussed, and it was nice h
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