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Often times we see and hear stories about different people going through certain phases in their lives, one of which is the phase of having fun while young and single especially in terms of their sexual adventures such as hooking ups/ having fwbs or fubus. Kalimitan sasabihin ng iba, lalo mostly ung mga married/pamilyado na and tapos na sa phase nila of having fun:
"Enjoyin mo lang yan habang bata ka pa at wala pang pamilya kasi kapag nag-asawa ka na hindi mo na magagawa yan ulit."

Coming from their perspective, definitely naiintindihan ko sila lalo sa main factor na pagkakaroon ng loyalty sa lifetime partner and obligasyon sa pagkakaroon ng mga anak. Naiba na ung mindset and kasiyahan nila due to having a settled life with great reponsibility.

But in my case, being free and single, it is very different from the usual way of thinking ng karamihan. In my case, I DO NOT CONSIDER having fun and adventure in sex as just a phase, but rather, it is choice....
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Age Does Not Matter.

Submitted by on January 18, 2020 (2 months ago)
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People in this world, at all genders, at all races have their own interests and certain preferences when it comes to sexual partner in bed.
Some have typical fetishes and interests, and some are just plain weird and rather nasty.

But of all the personal preferences of each person have in this world, the one thing that is absolutely ridiculous and insulting is the person who bases his/her preference on age.

Having the mindset of older people are better in bed than the younger ones because of age itself IS JUST a one complete hilarious stereotypical B.S.

- "Ambata mo pa baka di mo ako kayanin or mapasaya."
- "Ayoko sa bata, mas gusto ko sa mature kasi mas magaling sila."
- "Ang bata mo pa, baka ako lang magdala sayo."
- "Ayaw ko sa bata kasi may naexperience na ako before na bata and di ako nasiyahan so malamang ganun ka rin."

Now don't get me wrong on this writing of mine; I, myself, have...
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Trip Sa Buhay

Submitted by on December 27, 2019 (3 months ago)
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Hookups and/or casual sex is no different from having tattoos.

Para sa ibang tao ang hookups ay pagkakaroon ng extra way of fun and pleasure sa buhay, at para sa iba naman and tingin nila ay ito ay mali at kababawan lang na "nakakasira daw sa pagkatao".
Sa iba ang tattoo is a form of art and expression, pero samantalang ang tingin naman ng ibang tao sa tattoo ay dumi lang sa katawan na ginagawa lang daw ng mga "masasama at walang pinagaralang tao".

Some people think its fine, others think that it is bad, and yet neither side are right or wrong. So long as you are not affecting and hurting other people, DO what you LOVE to do in this world. In short, KANYA KANYANG TRIP YAN! WALANG PAKIELAMANAN! WALANG PERSONALAN!...
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Deep Desires For Milfs And/or Mature Women

Submitted by on December 26, 2019 (3 months ago)
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Maraming beses na akong nakakita dito ng members na may true stories, confessions, and adventures with milfs and/or mature women.
Maraming story contributers din dito ARE actually hot milfs and/or mature women themselves.
And ako rin mismo sa sarili ko, once may direct personal experience with a milf itself.

Ako sa sarili ko have always been and always will be attracted and highly interested sa mga milf and/or matured women kahit pa single yan, in a relationship, married, separated, widowed.

Why are milfs and/or mature women so alluring, exciting, iressistible, and most important of all, addictive?
A) For some men, it is because they seek greater experience for a partner in bed.
B) For other guys, it is because of curiosity. Curiosity of trying something new and different sa nakagisnan nilang partner.
C) For other guys (lalo sa mga virgin guys pa), they seek the best first time experience na pwede mag...
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