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I’m studying law at San Beda University. But when I’m not drowning in piles of books and memorizing jurisprudence, I write stories and blogs.

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Let Me

Submitted by on February 13, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

Let me write poetry for you
Allow me to carve your memory eternally within my soul
To paint your smile with the red in my veins
Cast a shadow over you and hide away your pain
I want my scent to linger on your spine
So, that people would know that you are mine

Let your touch burn my skin like the scars that he left
I want to be your shelter
Just like the home my mother left behind
I will be your safety,
Like a sentry guarding your heart
You... the one who is in pain
Tell me all your darkest secrets
And I promise you nothing
Like kisses blown in the wind

I will be the answer
You will be my art
The muse of my sorrow
Symbol of my grief
End of my sighs.
My silence,
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Affliction - 9

Submitted by on February 10, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags: , ,

I ended up riding in the asshole's car. He was relentless! He wouldn't stop bugging me until I said yes so I just did.

And now I was suffering the repercussion of my stupid decisions.

"So that's the reason why I'm here. Life sucks, huh?" he said.

I reached for the stereo and turned the volume into full blast. I just waited for him to stop talking before I drowned the car in songs. I wasn't that ill mannered to just cut him off when he's obviously having fun talking about his life.

And what kind of person tells someone whom he just met about everything in his life? Only this guy.

He just shook his head and laughed at me while I was turning the volume up.

The whole ride almost killed me! When he figured he couldn't annoy me with his unsolicited tales about his life, he stepped on the gas and drove so fast that I thought I was going to die!

"You freak! Slow down!" I shouted at him. We were still a bit far from th...
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Affliction - 8

Submitted by on February 10, 2019 (1 year ago)
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The lady who owned the house was very accommodating. She told me that I could call her anytime in case I needed anything. She was very sweet but I was in no mood to talk to anyone. I thanked her and she excused herself. She probably sensed that I was off.

My head was aching and my heart was still beating fast inside my chest. Every time I would close my eyes, I would remember Adam. I would remember how we fought. We had been together for years but this was the worst of all our fights. I had never been insecure about his life because I was secured but lately, I was spinning out of control.

I just f ucking needed a breather.

Spending my first day away from him, I ordered all the unhealthy food I could get my hands onto. I watched lots of TV and stuffed myself with pizza. I was thinking how he'd get mad at me if he saw me doing all these things. Adam had always reminded me to eat healthy.

I was f ucking ridiculous because even when I was far awa...
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Affliction - 7

Submitted by on February 8, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Maya had been asking me about the reason why I was at her pad but I had been mum about it. She was my best friend and I loved her but I couldn't talk about it just yet. Even I, myself, couldn't understand what was going on.

Did Adam love me? Yes.

Did I love him? Of course.

Was I jealous? Hell yes!

She was his ex, for heaven's sake! He almost married her! Once in his life, she was the love of his life. His life once revolved around her. Wasn't that reason enough for me to feel this way? For me to feel threatened?

Or was I just being paranoid and irrational? I was already married to Adam but here was I, thinking about these things…

Maya ordered food for us and as we were waiting for the delivery, she cornered me. She worked in a firm and she knew how to make someone talk. And though I was better at her with this, she cracked me open.

"So, it's about the ex?" she asked with her forehead creased. "Seriously, Bre...
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Affliction - 6

Submitted by on February 7, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags:

My lids were about close because for the past few days, I didn't get enough sleep. I tried sleeping but I just couldn't because I was aware that we weren't okay. I couldn't pretend that I was okay. I didn't wantthisto be about pretending that everything was fine when in fact, it was just the beginning of the end.

I had enough of those with my parents.

We weren't stupid, my siblings and I. We all knew that the only reason our parents were staying together was because of us. They both didn't want sole responsibility of raising kids so they'd rather stay in a cold and loveless marriage than to file a divorce and maybe take a chance in finding true love.

And I didn't want that for me. Not for Adam and I.

"Babe, people are already sleeping but not you and I," he said as his hands were finding their way towards my waist. He was gently caressing it but the feeling was electric. "Not you and I, babe," he said and then dipped his head down an...
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Affliction - 5

Submitted by on February 5, 2019 (1 year ago)
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The situation was only getting worse. For days, Adam had been trying to make me talk but I just closed off. I didn't want to address the issue because I was embarrassed about telling him how jealous I actually was about this girl he used to date—whom he loved so much that he actually considered marrying her.

Suddenly, I wanted to know everything about them. Why did they break-up? How did they meet? Was he still in love with her?

I had all these questions inside my head! I felt like exploding!

But I knew Adam could only take so much pushing away. Because on the 7th day, he didn't even try to engage me over breakfast. He just ate his food and told me he'd be going.

And then he was gone.

I felt really guilty. He didn't do anything wrong. Did he? He just arrived late at the party, had dinner with thealmostMrs. Walton, and forgot to inform me that he's still close to her.

There was no reason for me to feel upset....
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Affliction - 4

Submitted by on February 5, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags:

"Do you need help? I can send someone to—"

I motioned Adam to stop talking. I was so swamped! Never had I felt so alive for so long! For months, all I did was volunteer at the library. It was fun, alright. But that wasn't my scene… Well, organizing a party wasn't, either. But here, I felt the pressure. And Isomissed that!

I missed the pressure. The anxiety. Everything! God, I felt so alive!

"Seriously, I'm fine, Adam," I reassured him.

"You sure?" he asked, reluctant. He looked around and there were number of people moving in the things I ordered for the party tonight. It was the first party that I organized so I had to go extra mile to make sure that this didn't fail.

I was Bree Johnson, still. And failing wasn't a part of my description.

'Well, except for getting pregnant,'a small part of my brain whispered. But I quickly shook the thought away. I didn't need to worry because Adam assured me that...
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Affliction - 3

Submitted by on January 30, 2019 (1 year ago)
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It was still a negative.

Adam just got to work and I was here inside our comfort room looking at the negative result of the pregnancy test. I did not know what to feel. I felt like already turning numb because of the constant negative results.

We had been trying for months now but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I knew Adam was starting to worry about it, too. Maya told me to go to the doctor but I was scared. What if something was wrong with me? What if something was wrong with him? I didn't want anything to change. I was so happy with how things were. I didn't want to disrupt anything.

I threw the pregnancy kit in the trash and asked the maid to dispose it quickly. I didn't want Adam seeing another one of those negativities. It was enough that he was stressed with the company; I didn't want to cause him any more problems. There was a problem with one of the construction sites of the latest hotel they were building and it was causing lots o...
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For Love

Submitted by on January 30, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Poem: Tagalog · Categories: Erotic · Tags:

you resemble
the pale afternoon
and raindrops on my window pane
smell like liquor
and my coffee aftertaste
when you lay your head
on my thumping chest
and draw circles
to tickle my skin
when you kiss my neck
then to my ear
and press them
like petals
against my lips
my dark has bloomed
to one foreign summer day
yes, you taste like wine and cigarette
where I taste like books and spilled inks
but our dusts still merge into planets
and universe
where we promise
to fill our poetries.

the sun will set
the night will fall
the parchment ages
our skins grow old
civilizations rise
history goes
it's indeed
a happy life

I love
you love me
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Infatuation - 4

Submitted by on January 30, 2019 (1 year ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Romance · Tags:

After the stunt Adam pulled, I can't get myself to get mad at him. I just can't! It was insane. That guy had hurt me far more times than I can even begin to imagine yet one single post can melt my pain away. Crazy how human heart works, really…

So I took a deep breath and went in. I had no idea how to explain myself to Owen. I owe him so much now! He didn't even need to help me yet he was going out of his way to do so… and now I ditched him. I felt so awful. He's so nice and I was taking advantage of that good heart. I think I have a tin can inside my ribcage to be able to do such a thing.

"Spence!" Silas called me when he noticed me standing beside the door like an idiot. I can't decide on how to properly handle the situation. "Where the hell have you been?!" he stood up and held me by my shoulders and checked me as if he was looking for any injury of concussion. "I've been calling you but you're not answering!"

"I'm okay," I told him.

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