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(To protect the identity of the Purple Chatter, I will avoid specifics about her & the timeline when it happened recently.)

A few days before, I saw this Newbie purple chatter entered the chatroom lobby. Her chatname/handle partly described her so one would have a general idea what's her status & her body built. She greeted the lobby as a newbie normally does. Nabuhay ang Blues sa lobby at gilid & greeted her back as well. Dahil mejo busy ako at that time whischatting with a purple chatter, I didn't follow the lobby feed & just noted a few interactions between the blues & the newbie. Same getting to know Q&As lang naman para sa newbie.

What caught my attention was that this Newbie is posting something like she is seeking a one-on-one encounter (sort of soliciting sex from my POV) with a blue whether virtually or for real (malayo nga lang siya kaya who she is seeking with must be within her location or willing...
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Lady Scorpio, Are You My Someone?

Submitted by on September 3, 2019 (16 days ago)
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A couple of days ago, a Purple Chatter (let's call her Lady Scorpio though not her chatname) sent me a link to a Scorpio-Taurus Compatibility Assessment ( which intrigued me very much. I sent her my Viber# & told her I would like to talk to her about the link at length to see whether we are really compatible or not.

She obliged & she even installed a Viber app & add my # into her list (she said I'm the only in her list...hmmmm).

That evening, we scheduled a talk time as she was to go online for her hotel-based customer support work. An hour past midnight, she called via Viber & we talked as she multitasked with her online work. (Amazing! How can she do that?!).

We didn't notice the time as we dwell into the link she sent. We validated some of the key points in the assessment & confirmed it's really in our...
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Adik Sa 'Yo

Submitted by on September 2, 2019 (17 days ago)
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Meron ka na bang naka-adikan sa buhay mo?

'yung tipong paggising mo sa umaga eh hanap.hanap mo kagad. Hindi ka mapakali pagbangon mo. Kakain ka na lang ng almusal eh gusto mo nasa tabi mo lang lage. Kahit na alam mong meron kang dapat gawin eh kelangan may mailaman ka muna sa sistema mo kundi eh pakiramdam mong mababaliw ka maghapon. Sa pagligo mo eh hindi ka pa rin makuntento sa paliligo mo. Papasok ka na lang sa trabaho eh alupihit ka sa kinauupoan mo dahil parang may kulang sa araw mula paggising mo.

Ano ba itong ka-adikan na ito?

Habang nasa trabaho ka eh ung utak mo wala sa ginagawa mo. Yung katawan mo eh meron hinahanap na hindi malaman kung ano. Kulang na lang maglaway ka sa pananabik makita mo lamang ung hanap.hanap. Lumipas na ang tanghali at merienda eh zombie-like kang kumilos sa trabaho. Lutang ang isip. Routine ang kilos. Bahala na kung tama o mali ang trabaho. Basta kelangan maibsan ang ka-adikang ito.

Sa wakas n...
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