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And here I Am with only sorrow to bite on,as if weeping were a seed and I the earth's only furrow.

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Thank You For Staying

Submitted by on November 4, 2018 (5 months ago)
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I saw you came into my life on that friday night.
That flirty smile you gave that ignited my insides. You came into my life and shifted my nights into mornings, and my mornings into night. Changed my coffees into cigarettes and books into booze. I saw you came into my life and changed it completely. You boosted what was once inside me that was afraid to come out, then I never kept hidden. You made me feel what was like to be outside. I saw you came into my life and all I ever said to myself was, this is all I ever wanted. You are my own definition of perfect. You came to me like I was struck by lightning. You came in a flash.

But as lightning struck, you began to see me crumble. You started to see me frown over things I cant understand and cry over things like an abandoned child.You saw me how I hated myself and how my life was a mess while I burn my lungs with each cigarette I take.You saw how easy I would walk out on you and insist that we were never mea
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Missing You

Submitted by on July 25, 2018 (8 months ago)
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I look for you in chairs
In an old one where
you slumbered off afternoons

In other ones where
you might sit with me
and watch the world go by

It goes by, the world
leaving me
In the small dark room
where you left me

I want to stay, I cannot move
But the sea calls out to me
with the sound of your name

Its salt is the salt of your skin
Its grey, the grey of your eyes
When I throw your ashes
It will know you.

When its sand pulls under my feet
It will take you.
Everywhere, crashing
It will own you.

It will free you.
And me....
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