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My Quarantine Adventure

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 January 2021 (2 days ago)
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Lately I've been busy with work. Routine ang buhay dahil sa pandemic. Maraming gustong gawin na hindi magawa. Maraming saradong establishments. I'm so bored.

But thank god there's books to read, Netflix to watch and occasional chatting with friends. Marami pa ring kulang pero wala naman akong magawa. I know maraming nakakarelate sa inyo sa ganitong scenario every single day.

But life goes on.

For few months now ay wala akong boyfriend. I broke up with him due to irreconcilable differences. He was few years older but shit happens in any relationship. It's natural na maghanap ako since I'm free and available naman. Yan ang buhay ng isang young professional who lives in a big city.

Aaminin ko na nakakamiss ang sex. I had fun doing it sa mga dati kong partners. But it feels like a history now. Time to move on and find a playmate.

My n...
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