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Evening Thoughts (Wala Lang)

Submitted by on December 22, 2019 (2 months ago)
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"Yangka uthoy e teme tho" words we use to describe ang mga tsismosa. Literally "mga taong may LBM/ diarrhea ang bibig." Ganoon daw kasi ang mga tsismosa. Walang preno ang bibig kung anu- ano na lang ang lumalabas. Parang LBM lang kapag lalabas na hindi na napipigilan muehehehe. Excuse me sa mga kumakain.

Kapag nasa sasakyan hindi maiwasan na mag eavesdrop sa mga usapan. Even at work marami akong nasasagap na kung anu-anong kwentuhan tungkol sa mga kinaiinisan nilang mga katrabaho. I just roll my eyes. Ang dami ko ng experience na nakinig ako sa kwento kwento pero sa totoo lang kapag nakilala mo yung tao kabaliktaran pala ng sinasabi nung taong nagkwento. Ewan ko ba. Hilig na talaga ng tao na magtsismis.

One story I can't forget is tungkol sa katrabaho namin na female. Anyway, dati kasi simple lang siyang tao. Baby powder lang tapos lip gloss and pony tailed hair na papasok sa work. Nagparebond lang si madam tsaka nag lips stick hala! Hot issue na! "Tignan mo oh! May pa flip flip pa...
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Why? How?

Submitted by on December 5, 2019 (2 months ago)
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Hi! This is so non erotic so Ye been warned. Excuse me. I just need to write. Hopefully lang mabawasan yung sakit.

Its been days since my niece's burial. My niece who was just 2 years of age. Its still painful to think of her. I ask, Why?

When my sister and my niece were in the hospital I've seen lots of children suffering from different types of illness. Going to the hospital for treatment for cancer. Yes. Cancer. Just like my niece, she was taken from from us due to cancer.

I've asked so many questions. O Lord why them? So young and yet they are suffering. When they took blood for tests my niece was so scared and cried in our dialect "Enough! Mama!"~( "Ushto Ma! Mama!") All I could do was pray. And hide my tears from my sister. For my sister told me, "Ole, you are one of my strengths. I feel strong when I see you smile." It was hard. All of us sisters worry for one another. We have all been praying for healing for her. Everytime we tear up we hide it from one another. For we giv...
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Love Hurts

Submitted by on August 23, 2019 (6 months ago)
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Love is a battlefield, so they say
You have to fight to make him stay.
But love is also a choice,
Despite his imperfections
You still love him anyway.

In love you need to gamble,
to know if its all worth the trouble.
But love if true and pure
will never seek anything in turn
For Love is given free and endures.

Love hurts they say.
No, 'twas the asshole who left that hurt you.
Do not curse love dear.
For true love consumes all its energy
for the happiness of that one special person you see....
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Just A Dream

Submitted by on August 4, 2019 (6 months ago)
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I dreamt of you last night,
At last for a long time of wait,
You finally said the words right,
I prayed with all my heart,
Lord make this moment last
For I prayed for it fervently in the past.

Thought everything was okay
You are mine and I'm yours, finally.
I was waiting for you to dip ur lips
Seal our love with a kiss
But then, you laughed out loud and mockingly said
"I'll never be in love with you, for you don't deserve to be loved."

Tears falling, woke up from my dream
It felt like hell to my soul even if it was just a dream
I have been loving someone who cannot even look at me.
Broke my heart to pieces for even in my dreams.....
We are just not meant to be....
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Foolish Heart

Submitted by on July 10, 2019 (7 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Taglish · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: ,

Crush. I told him straight ahead I liked him. Foolish heart, I was brave. He told me he liked me too. Foolish heart, I believed him. Foolish heart, keeps on craving for his attention. Foolish heart, want him to notice me. Told him stories about me some people dont even know. Foolish heart, believed he cared. When I see his name, foolish heart goes crazy badump badump. Foolish heart, ang bobo mo. Now I know, it was foolishness to like you. So foolish, so bobo. Should I cry? Nah~ Why should I? I liked you. Still like you a lot. But I gues I have to give up this foolishness. If its formality you have to offer okay lang. I'll be formal. I'll be friendly. Barriers up guarding my foolish heart. Barriers up. Barriers up. Don't want to get hurt. Barriers up. Just like before I told you I like you. Barriers up. Hold on foolish heart. The pain of reality will pass. Time heals all wounds just like before. Thankful it did not get too deep to hurt much more. Foolish heart. I guess its okay to cry f...
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Mr. Musician

Submitted by on June 25, 2019 (8 months ago)
Posted in Confession: True Story, Taglish · Categories: First Time, Romance · Tags: ,

I met him on a chat site hehe secret kung saan but not here. He was from Switzerland but originally from Russia. Yes, he is not a pinoy. He is also a vocalist in a band and really has a very sexy voice. I'm a sucker for sexy voice. Yung tipong nagwewet ako kapag sexy yung boses. Natuturn off ako sa boses totoy lalo na kung porn call.

We had lots of fun on another site kung saan pwede mag voice call or video call. But the hottest encounter was when he was fucking a girl and he called me. I was at home luckily.

Pag accept ko ng call narinig ko ang masarap na ungol ng babae. "Ohhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! More babe! Please! Don't Stop!" (Namilog mata ko and I can't stop myself from getting wet. Dinig din kasi ung wet na wet na pagsasalpukan ng mga ari nila) Then, I heard Mr. Musician say, "Shhh! Tone down babe. Hello Baby Jie." (Yun tawag niya sakin.) He was still fucking the girl while he was talking.

"Hey Alex." (Aleksandar name nya kaya Alex na lng tawag ko sa kany...
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Ang Buhay Ay Isang Pagsusulit

Submitted by on June 25, 2019 (8 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Tagalog · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags:

This is non erotic I just felt like writing this now. So please excuse sa typos Cellphone gamit ko.

Years ago, I posted my hatred no, my grudge? Ano ba pinakamabigat na word for hatred? I posted my hatred against my father. Now, it sounds like a childish rant for me. I was immature I have to admit.

If you ask me how I feel about my dad now? I love him soooo much. He's still alive and lives in the province with my mom and 2 sisters. We visit them as much as possible because his health is deteriorating. Why not send him to the hospital? He does not want to. Ayaw niyang makabitan ng kung anu-anu just to live. If the Lord calls him daw, he is ready to leave.
For us we are not yet ready to let him go. But who are we to stop a God?

"The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then, given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson."(by Tom Bodett) It is so true. I've learned to forgive and lov...
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Bakit ba kay hirap magpatawad?

Submitted by on August 28, 2014 (5 years ago)
Posted in Story: True Story, Tagalog · Categories: Reluctance · Tags:

(Ehemmn hindi po ito erotic na topic and it's not about love. It's all based from my experiences and my hatred towards my father na until now ang hirap kalimutan. I can't really talk about it with my sisters and mother although nakausap ko na sila parehas lang ang sinasabi nila forgive and forget but then.., how to do it? Ang hirap kalimutan ng mga nangyari. I know naman na may mga taong mas may masasalimuot na karanasan but then pagbigyan niyo na lang poe akers ng mabawasan naman sama ng loob ko. Tuwing naaalala ko kasi parang sasabog ang puso ko sa sakit. Writing it seems better para naman mabawasan ng konti sakit.)

Lima kaming magkakapatid na babae. Wala kaming kapatid na lalaki. Mahirap lang kami although kahit naman mahirap kami ay pinaghirapan ng aming ama na kaming lahat ay makatapos sa pag-aaral. Isang jeepney driver lang ang aking ama. Apat na kaming nakatapos sa kolehiyo, isang taon pa at makakatapos na rin sa kolehiyo an gaming bunsong...
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