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Submitted by on Sunday, 2 August 2020 (2 days ago)
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Kaibigan, salamat sa pagtitiwala at pag-aalala
Umasa kang ipagdarasal kita
Anuman ang iyong pinoproblema
Alam kong si Lord, mahal na mahal ka.

Kaibigan, maraming salamat
Sa pakikinig sa mga kwento ng kaibigan mong maarte talaga
Sana ay huwag kang magsasawa
Sa iyong kaibigan na talaga namang madada.

Kaibigan, ako sana'y patawarin
Kung minsan ako'y mahirap intindihin
Salamat sa pagmamahal at supporta
Noong ako'y malungkot at nagdurusa.

Kaibigan, mahal na mahal kita
Parang kapatid kita sa ibang ama't ina.
'Wag mo lang tatawanan ang aking tula,
Kung 'di humanda ka aawayin kita ng bongga!

*Simpleng tula para sa mga kaibigan ko especially kina Archer14 ( Tanks sa pagiging kuya sa amin ni Aya) and AyaRaven hart hart. Brads and sis sa ibang nanay at tatay. Hwehwehwe. Love you....
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Thanks Master

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 (6 days ago)
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Im a gullible, naive sheltered girl. Im used to honesty. I was never a good player. What you see is what you get.

I trust easily. I believe easily. Want to destroy me? Befriend me and break me. You can destroy me ultimately. I hope you enjoy watching me as I smile with your lies. I hope you are happily laughing behind my back while you are having fun with me behind that kind facade. Glad I could make your life less boring.

Go on laugh. Laugh at this ignorant girl who trusted you. Break her to pieces until there is nothing left of her. Go ahead have your fun until you are satisfied in boosting your ego. Glad I could make you feel powerful for sometime. Go ahead destroy everything.

Teach me Master to hate myself for being too naive. Teach me to loathe myself for being me. Teach me to hate being too trustful. Teach me to become bitter in life. Teach me how people can be beautiful outside but grossly ugly inside. Show me how ugly this world can be.

In time when all is said and done,y...
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Precious Moments

Submitted by on July 19, 2020 (17 days ago)
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Precious moments don't last forever.Enjoy everyday, every hour, every minute, every second for in these moments we find treasures that would last forever. These are the memories left behind by loved ones who went ahead of us to the other world if you believe in life after death.

Its okay to work until you're tired. But don't work too hard that you are forgetting the most important thing in your life, your loved ones. Sometimes we focus too much on work to provide for our family's needs but how about enjoying their company?

The pandemic gave us time to be with our families. Enjoy it while it lasts. We really never know how much time we have on earth. Some are blessed with more years, some taken too young just like my niece.

Its only in photos and videos can we see her now. Its only there we could look at her and tell her we love her. Wish we could have told her more we love her. Regrets.

Hold on to your loved ones. Show them everyday how much you love them in your own way. Never...
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Submitted by on July 16, 2020 (20 days ago)
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What mask are you wearing right now? Why must we wear masks? What is your purpose in wearing a mask? I'm not talking about face masks to protect ourselves from the pandemic. Ohh! Please do wear masks everytime you go out. Keep safe everyone.

What mask am I really talking about? Im talking about that mask you wear to HIDE. Hide what? To hide YOUR TRUE FEELINGS DEEP INSIDE.

Different people wear masks everyday. For me I wear a mask of a smiling face. But this mask is the most difficult one to make because its very obvious to those who really know you, if its a mask or a genuine smile. What would I give to get back my genuine smile and get rid of this fake mask of smile.

Sometimes I disgust myself in giving someone my masked smile. They give me their genuine smile then I give back a masked smile. Is it that bad?

Im so afraid. So scared for them to see the real broken me. I create this facade of a strong girl but deep inside. I'm weak and at night I cry. I let my tears flow freely...
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A Lady's Love

Submitted by on July 13, 2020 (23 days ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, English · Categories: Supernatural, Romance · Tags:


Once upon a time, a fair lady visited a forest and met a bumbling bee. The bumbling bee warned the lady of a creature. "Be careful he is a monster!" The lady got scared and avoided the said creature whenever she went to visit the forest.

The lady met the creature they called a monster and observed from a far. The creature tried to start a conversation with the lady for many times but the lady was too scared because of the warning from the bumbling bee.

One day, the creature said hi to the lady but instead of fleeing away, this time she stayed and talked with the creature. The creature beguiled the lady with his many stories. Later on they came together to that same place to tell stories about their adventures.

Little by little the creature transformed from a monster to a hero in her eyes. She fell in love with the creature and craved more to be with him. They spent more time together in the s...
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Mahal Kita

Submitted by on July 10, 2020 (25 days ago)
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"Mahal Kita", dalawang salita.
Napakadaling sabihin, bigkasin
Masarap nga namang dinggin,
Puso'y namimilipit sa kilig,
Tuwing ito'y binubulong mo noon sa akin.

"Mahal Kita" kasinungalingan lang pala.
Puso'y winasak, dinurog, pinaasa.
Pinaikot sa iyong matatamis na salita
Pinaniwalang ako'y mahalaga,
Yun pala, ako sa'yo, isang tanga, basura.

Oo Puso, tanga tayo naniwala sa kasinungalingan niya.
Masakit lunukin, katotohanan pinaglaruan ka lang niya.
Bobo lang Puso, ang sarap ng tawa niya.
Pinagtatawanan ang katangahan mo boba ka.

Pusong nagmahal, puno ng puot ngayon.
'Di kayang patawarin ang sarili
Walang ibang sinisisi kung 'di sariling desisyon.
Mundong tahimik bakit pa pinasok.
Pag-iisip, damdamin lahat-lahat ginulo mo.

Taong minahal, kinamumuhian na ngayon.
Sa halip na pag-aalala, isinusumpa na kita ngayon.
"Mahal kita" pwe! Saksak mo sa baga mo.
Ilan na nga ba kaming nabiktima mo?

Ngunit teka. Mali ito. Hindi ako dapat magkaganito ng dahil lng sa iyo.
Mga pananaw ko binago...
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Dear N❤️

Submitted by on July 3, 2020 (1 month ago)
Posted in Blog: Tagalog · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: , ,

"Hold me, hold me for a while. I know this wouldn't last forever.

So hold, hold me tonight, before the morning takes you away....

Save, save me now a short moment of time." (Hold me for a While by Rednex)

Nothing lasts forever. People come and go. Its been more than six months since you left this world baby girl. Tita misses your sweet kisses and hugs while saying "Tita, Lablab".Missing how your small arms would wrap around my neck as your version of a hug. Our little bundle of joy in the family.

Regrets. Regrets of not enjoying those precious moments with you for your 2years and 10 months of life on this earth. Regrets for at times we are all busy at work and when at home we wouln't have the energy to play with you anymore.

Missing. Missing your sweet smile. Missing your cute voice calling me "Tita!" I won't hear you say "no" to me anymore when I try to fix your thin and short hair. I wanted to braid your hair but I was not given the opportunity to do so. Missing how you danced...
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Letting Go

Submitted by on June 30, 2020 (1 month ago)
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Mr Left not Mr Right. I get it now. Tagal ko sa in denial stage sa dinami dami ng red flags dahil akala ko we were fine. He said he was fine.

Days gone by I was worried. Is he sick etc? Ahh he's fine but he's not already mine. (or never really mine?) Reality sinks in. Acceptance stage. Moving on stage.

Do I regret it? Not really I learned a lot from him. Do I hate him? No I still care and I'm hurt ganun lang pala ako sa kanya. I hope he finds happiness. I won't curse him for his choice.

Does it hurt? It hurts like hell. Tears fall down the cheeks when we are hurt. Sometimes to see things clearly also. Clarified and enlightened he is not mine. It hurts. Hurts like hell. But I'll get better because I love myself more .

I'm letting go now. No worries. Im wishing you all the best. No cursing. Bye for now. Ingats and get well soon.

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Evening Thoughts (Wala Lang)

Submitted by on December 22, 2019 (7 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Taglish · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: , ,

"Yangka uthoy e teme tho" words we use to describe ang mga tsismosa. Literally "mga taong may LBM/ diarrhea ang bibig." Ganoon daw kasi ang mga tsismosa. Walang preno ang bibig kung anu- ano na lang ang lumalabas. Parang LBM lang kapag lalabas na hindi na napipigilan muehehehe. Excuse me sa mga kumakain.

Kapag nasa sasakyan hindi maiwasan na mag eavesdrop sa mga usapan. Even at work marami akong nasasagap na kung anu-anong kwentuhan tungkol sa mga kinaiinisan nilang mga katrabaho. I just roll my eyes. Ang dami ko ng experience na nakinig ako sa kwento kwento pero sa totoo lang kapag nakilala mo yung tao kabaliktaran pala ng sinasabi nung taong nagkwento. Ewan ko ba. Hilig na talaga ng tao na magtsismis.

One story I can't forget is tungkol sa katrabaho namin na female. Anyway, dati kasi simple lang siyang tao. Baby powder lang tapos lip gloss and pony tailed hair na papasok sa work. Nagparebond lang si madam tsaka nag lips stick hala! Hot issue na! "Tignan mo oh! May pa flip flip pa...
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Why? How?

Submitted by on December 5, 2019 (8 months ago)
Posted in Blog: Tagalog · Categories: Non-Erotic · Tags: ,

Hi! This is so non erotic so Ye been warned. Excuse me. I just need to write. Hopefully lang mabawasan yung sakit.

Its been days since my niece's burial. My niece who was just 2 years of age. Its still painful to think of her. I ask, Why?

When my sister and my niece were in the hospital I've seen lots of children suffering from different types of illness. Going to the hospital for treatment for cancer. Yes. Cancer. Just like my niece, she was taken from from us due to cancer.

I've asked so many questions. O Lord why them? So young and yet they are suffering. When they took blood for tests my niece was so scared and cried in our dialect "Enough! Mama!"~( "Ushto Ma! Mama!") All I could do was pray. And hide my tears from my sister. For my sister told me, "Ole, you are one of my strengths. I feel strong when I see you smile." It was hard. All of us sisters worry for one another. We have all been praying for healing for her. Everytime we tear up we hide it from one another. For we giv...
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