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Heaven or Hell Episode 3 (Act II)

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Act II: Pursuing the Shadow
By: Balderic

“I may look gentle but I am not one. If you are willing to be my apprentice then I only have two rules. Obey and Listen!  Cause after your preliminary training with me,  if you do what I ask of you,  I promise you that you will survive. Every mission we take in the future will be one step to the grave, that’s why it is very important to stick to your basic training. Remember your SOP’s and you will do fine. You get me? “

“Yes,  Marasigan-san…um I mean Sir! “ ugh this is embarrassing….he’s looking straight to my eyes. I wanna look away but I can’t! Oh no!  He stopped talking!  He’s just looking at me. What is it?  What’s wrong? Crap!  He is walking towards me. 

“Trainee Ashura,  why are you blushing?  Are you feeling well? “

“Huh!? Your eyes… “

“My eyes? “

“I mean,  I… I’m fine sir! “ oh no!  I can’t help it!  I’m totally blushing! I have no idea! Now he probably thinks I’m a dork! 

“Since you will be stuck with me temporarily, I will carve you into a better agent trainee Ashura. Your father have high expectations of you. I am sure he is proud to see you here serving for the world!  You will survive! You will! “

I will….ma...