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From Story to Movie

Submitted by on July 21, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Just wondering:

Halimbawang isa kang ang movie producer or director na nagkainteres na gawing pelikula ang isa sa mga stories dito (sex themed or otherwise):

1. Sinong writer at anong kwento ang pipiliin mo?
2. Sinong artista ang nai-imagine mong gaganap sa mga characters ng story at bakit siya ang napili mo?
3. Anong title ang ibibigay mo doon sa movie adaptation (if ever)?...

Long vs Short ----- Stories

Submitted by on March 3, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Long vs Short ----- StoriesI've read a number of adequately long stories here. What I mean are chapters that consist of multiple scenes.

I'ts makes me wonder how they - the writers - put a specific pace for each scene wherein it won't be so rigorous that the whole chapter could be one steamy pile of humping on one corner of a room, which brings me to short stories.

Short stories on the other hand, I've read alot of this that makes use of scene by scene chapters. Every chapter is a specific setting, a room, a car, a long conversation somewhere - which always caps off with a loud "Uuummfffpp!". laughing

I've been reading my manuscripts, "Confirm Friend Request #1" for example is an amalgamation of brain-fudging scene jumping horror of a story - FYI: di po horror yung istorya, erotic din po iyon. LOL. laughing

On the otherhand, the prologue "Confirm Friend Request" is a correctly paced single scene structure. Which I would say, is my first and foremost best write-up. 

Badtrip lang yung chapter 1, akala ko makakagawa ako ng isang medium sized chapter. html>...

On Writing a Story

Submitted by on February 19, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Being a fan of this site, I often read the stories posted here, including the comments.

With regards to the comments, I noticed some reader would say that he has read the story posted by a writer on another site.

Question: how does one know if the story posted here is original or not? Can a writer repost his story from another site to here even if it is originally written by himself? :)


The Saga Continues: Passing the Storyline

Submitted by on February 3, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I love writing stories, especially with sex as a theme. I began to love it more when FSS gave me a chance to express it.

I also appreciate those who send me positive or negative comments. This drives me on to continue my writing.

My only regret is that I cannot please everybody. Especially those who wanted me to continue a story that I have ended. As I have said before, I cannot guarantee if I can grant your requests all at once. As soon as I feel that the story must stop there, then so be it. But that does not mean it is ended permanently. There is a chance that once I reread the story, provided that the urge to continue the saga is that strong, I will write another sequel about it.

However, there are other thoughts, concerns, ideas, and inspirations that come to my mind. And I have to attend to that first. And this breaks my heart because once I completed the story, there would be requests that I continue. Even I deemed that the story has ended.

All things said, I'm thinking: if somebody could make a continuation of my stories, I would appreciate that. Provided of course that proper credits and acknowledgments are given, then I would not mind.
Again, there is a chance that I will write the sequels of the stories I considered done. When that sequel be written? Only time will tell. :)...

On Your Favorite Writer

Submitted by on January 16, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Being a reader, a writer, a follower and a fan of the best filipino sex story site, marami na po akong nabasang mga kuwento ng mga manunulat dito na totoo namang kahang-hanga. The writings/stories itself are so impressive, I can't aptly describe what word/phrase to use exactly to describe their masterpiece. How about you? If you are going to describe one favorite writer in word/phrase, what would it be? :)

PS. As author of this blog please exclude me in describing your favorite writer....

What are the characteristics you are looking for in an effective writer?

Submitted by on September 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Writers are the lifeblood of FSS. Mga kwento nila ang nagdala sa mga members dito sa FSS. Maraming kwento ang nagpatirik kay pedrow, nagpabasa kay Nene at nagpainit sa sexual na buhay ng mga magjowa.Anong katangian ang hinanahap mo sa isang manunulat?...

The Perils of Being Single and Being an Erotic Writer

Submitted by on June 23, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The Perils of Being Single  and Being an Erotic WriterAnd you just stood there at the foot of the bed looking down at me as I lay there flat on my back with my legs parted wearing nothing but a red lipstick.

My nipples were pebble-hard and begging to be licked, sucked, and bitten. But I knew you weren’t looking at my tits. Your gaze was fixated lower, and I knew exactly where your attention was focused on.

You were looking at two fingers – my two fingers – moving in and out of my wet pussy.

You were watching me intently as I finger-fucked myself.

I stopped typing.

I can’t believe it! Nalilibugan ako sa sarili kong kwento. I had to laugh. Mabuti na lang at mag-isa lang ako sa kwarto. My nipples are hard and poking through the thin tank top I was wearing. I reached for the glass of water sa may tabi ng laptop and almost sighed with the sensation of my the cloth material grazing my hardened nipple tips and in a weird way I felt my pussy react.

Oh my god! I don’t like it when I’m like this.

I gulped the cold water down in the hopes of extinguishing whatever it is that I am feeling. Nope. Nothing happened. Still horny.

Focus. I need to focus and started typing again.

I was looking expectantly at you and at how different we look right now. You were fully clothed and I was stark naked. I w...