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Let Me Stay To Let You Go

Submitted by on December 10, 2015 (2 years ago)
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And you flown away
Trying to take me along
But I decided to stay
Then everything went wrong

Early morning wake
Asking the sunrise
Why do I feel so bored
When I only think of you

Living without you
Dying with your ghost
My coffin is set ready
I'm not alive at all

Once upon a time
There was you and me
I'm yours and you're mine
Untill there's only me

Lifeless heart
I miss you so much
Heartless life
I love you so much

Why did you let me to let you go
I regret the day I did not follow my heart
Why did I let you to let me stay
I regret the day I did not follow you

Whenever I close my eyes
All I could see is your face
But those time when you were still here
My eyes were wide open but blind

I did'nt see the things you've done
I did'nt pay much attention to surprises
Oh well actually I did
I was just to busy that I ignored it

On bended knees and eyes on tears
That wish upon a shooting star
I pray you can hear my heart
I pray you can feel my love

Wherever you go
Please think of me
Whatever you do
At least think of me

That night I saw you
Under the dark sky of raindrops
Remembering the girl
It was you that I chase after

Nothing change on you
Nothing change on me
But between the two of us