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My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (1 month ago)
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My ODDyssey:  It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)Bonne Annee guys and Dahlings, sorry to have kept you waiting...fucking bloody busy as usual

(Save a Prayer playing)

It's not very often that I get this kind of sensual excitement, I'm not your garden variety hypersexual (the archaic term is nymphomaniac) as  I'm mostly into women, I don't get this "attacks" often it but when it does I can't help myself, it's fucking overwhelming, unavoidable, I must and will always give in, it's a very bizarre if not a rare kind of nymphomania.  (you could say I'm a wee bit of xenophiliac or teratophiliac?)

I'm not even a bipolar, and I don't go like "Oh gawd not again" or "fuck! not now please" like someone turning into a werewolf or any monster,  a sexual Jekyl and Ms. Hyde, I have no  feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy as I've enjoyed every wild sexual encounter very much and sometimes more than the last, getting really turned on being uber daring, wild and crazy, but not stupid and careless as I'm very careful keeping a low profile and covering my tracks.

I'm mostly into other hot females, but an episode during my early teenage years had awoken hidden sensual desires I never thought I had, and now my body would  crave these wild, bizaare orgasmic pleasures from time to time.

The "feeling" I had when I looked up at the moon as I was walking towards the restaurant, the tingling, heart racing, churning, steamy-air-inside and butterflies-in-stomach kind of feeling, as alway...

Her Share of Ghost

Submitted by on August 8, 2015 (1 year ago)
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her share of ghost

do you know the mystery of a girl in misery?
who's afraid of a ghost who rendered her weary.
her looks is divine, in a truely angelic face,
she carry herself nice, but come a day, she lost her grace.

there was once a time she held dear, this bud,
so precious that if lost, her mom would be mad,
her looks is divine, the times of girlie craze,
she carried herself nice, but lost her subtle ways.

heavy eyes went close on her first ever lip kiss,
she was delirious and lost, hence, started to miss,
a fine hand's sweet caress on her young delicate breast,
as she fill her memory with lies of a drowned protest.

then a kiss trailed from neck down to her nipples
like a delicious toss in a steady wave of ripples,
somebody's licked her bosom, tho she wont let,
she tried to carry herself nice, but way down she got wet.

A hand tickled her legs, crawled to a first touch,
on to something between her legs that itched no match,
she's never been unsure as fine fingers frolicked her core,
if she can carry her loins wise in such tormenting pleasure.

her weary legs trembled, she can't keep it closed,
as a probing tongue licked her midst, her mind got lost,
she looked divine while her groin shoots in fiery spasm,
as she cry and bury her nails tight, she convulsed to orgasm.

well, this is the misery...

Misses her.

Submitted by on January 15, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Nagkakakilala kame ng girl na to when i was in college. We met in mirc, then meet up. Una may chaperon pa sya but kinalaunan wala na rin, dun ko na sya niyaya. Pero hanggng dun lang kame kasi bato sya, d ko alam kung nssrpan sya sa gingwa ko pero ,ang sabi nya lang sakin di sya sanay sa ganun. So time passes ngkhiealay kame ng landas. At pagkaraan ng ilang taon eto nagmeet kame sa lumang acct ko sa yahoo messenger, im excited to meet her again. Kaso may live in partner na sya and a son. Then ayun hanggang uminit ang usapn namin, nag iba na sya at naging mapusok na sya sa pagpapahyag ng damdamin. Then nagkasundo kame magkita sa gateway cubao, ng magkita kame gamit kotse ko at tinted un d ko na mapglan kaya alimall plang hanbng ng aantay ng left turn hinwkan ko na boobs nya nakita ko sya na pumikit at umungol. Pumasok kami sa fersal inn, at pagkapsok plng nmin ng kwrto sinunggban ko na sya at pinaghahalikan, hanggnag hubad na kame at wlang ni isang splot. Bgla sya kumwla at sabi magbbnyo lng, pinagbgyan ko sya at pmnta sa bnyo hindi hya snra ang pinto. Pmnta ako at sinilip ko naliligo sya, kitang kita ko ang suso nya na kahit may anak na ay parang dalaga parin. Nagulat ako at ini angat nya ang paa nya sa bowl at tummbad sakin namamasa nyang mga puke at bgla ito hinimas at ibinuka nptingin sko sa mukha nya at lalong nagulat kasi nakatingin pala sya sakin. Kaso nakakaasar at isinara nya pinto... Pagkatpos nun lumbas sya na nakatpis at pmnta sa switch ng ilaw at isinara un psti tv...