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All about fetishes

Submitted by on December 28, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I have some weird (para sakin weird siya) fetishes and fantasies and i dont know if it is normal. like having foot fetish (or footjob if you may) ,voyeurism, BDSM, Role play,Swinging like is it normal to have it ?

pero nagsisi ako nung triny ko mag swing like i lost the love of my life dahil sa fantasy na yun even though i liked it talagang nagsisi. 3 of them never ko pang na try kase baka pag triny ko ma weirdohan sakin yung ka partner ko hahaha those 3 are BDSM, role play and foot fetish (the ever so weird for me). kayo ba what are your fetishes and did you fulfill it ?...

No Sex Please, I'm Not Into It

Submitted by on August 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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No Sex Please, I'm Not Into ItLet's talk about sex - or maybe not.

Well, if you would read my stories, you'll notice that the sex scene is the lamest part. Maybe because I don't have a first hand experience about it. I guess I am one of those few who identify themselves as asexual, there's nothing quite as dull as the pleasures of the flesh. I'm still in mid 20's yet I'm living with libido loco. I dunno what's the problem in me. Is it due to hormones? Job stress? Relationship issues? My past? Are those the factors why I'm taking my toll in the bedroom? But I do have this sexual dysfunction since I can't remember. Honestly, I'm more enjoying to make love with myself than to make love with a man. Well, I guess I'm suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). 

Argggghhhh, I really want to experience a really great sex! But how do I get it? I just don't seem to have any sex drive. Everytime I feel a man touching my skin, my body doesn't feel turned on at all. All I can feel is disgust that makes me want to throw a hard punch straight on his face to knock him up.

Once in my life, I agreed to have a one night stand with a man I met at the party, I thought it was my chance to experience an awesome orgasm but I ended up kicking his thing, throwing him a chair and delivering a severe blow to his throat. And instead of a great sex, we spent the rest of the night in the hospital, him as a patient, me as his companion. 

Well my greates...