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Eat All You Can..... Or Not

Submitted by on July 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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i wrote this over a year ago and was posted in a blogspot somewhere.However i decided to post it here because FSS readers does not just clamor for sex stories but for essays that can give an additional information. and that is the reason why i like it here.....


Ever since I was young, I saw myself as fat even though during my college days my waistline was just twenty five inches. And I do have a flat abdomen which is the constant envy of my female friend. However I kept complaining, according to my friends back then, its because I'm was blessed enough to have the so called "endowed breast". I never saw it as a blessing, somehow I am not comfortable with it but I can't do anything about it instead accept it as it is.

I easily gain weight. And loosing it is much of an effort.  After giving birth, I was able to maintain the same twenty five inches of a waistline.  Having a husband who kept on reminding me if i gain an inch.

I started working in a barrio and the abundance of root crops and other agricultural products added to my diet.  Carbohydrates as it seems stored fats in my body.  I started to look for remedy to control the building up of that most hated bulk in my body.  I opted to drinking coffee which according to some can help me loose my weight.  Unfortunately from that twenty five inches, it rocketed to twenty nine that fast.

I began hating m...