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Driving alone

Submitted by on December 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Well it's the weekend again folks was suppose to head on to the south of the country but some emergency made me pull over and had to have a dental procedure done to me.Anyway,since I am alone on this trip I can't risk in driving much further since I might just get into a road accident because of the effects of the local pain killer injected in me.Since I was in the vicinity of an old family friend I decided that's where i'll let the pain killer wear off in effect physicaly.
After spending a few hours asleep at a friend's abode I left his place(1 hour ago) I was now on the SLEX doing a fine speed of 80 kph when I noticed ahead of me traffic was slowing down again(must be not my day to go travelling).Great!1 weekend wasted on the road instead of being somewhere resting on a beach enjoying the quiet view and eating locally broiled squid and blue marlin and accompanied by my wife's male cousins and their girlfriends,i'm here stuck in the middle of the highway.
Still lady luck must be giving me a hidden smile.I reached this gas station and pulled in and decided to wait out this traffic build up for a few hours.Parked my vehicle,got out walked over to the inside of the 24 hour open food store looked around for a place to eat dinner.
Lot's of customers tonight,saw the cash register endlessly taking in cash and swiping credit cards.Food and drink was'nt a problem.It's was where to sit and eat a plateful of fast food cuisine on a table,seems that every table and chair w...