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Fucking High

Submitted by on August 21, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Well, let me tell you about my fantasy to this hot guy that became a sweet reality.

I'm not your typical girl. I am chubby but pretty daw. But I consider myself fat. The perks of being fat is having huge racks. When I say huge, its 42c. Currently I have a boyfriend (?) haha It's a long distance relationship as of now. I started having sex when I thought 2012 is real. Lol I don't wanna die virgin. Haha I was 21 years old when I lost it. It wasn't fun cause the guy isn't good at foreplay. (Even though I was a virgin. I know a lot about sex) Thank you Yaya for watching porn in the living room. That's when my curiosity started. I started young in pleasuring myself.

Well, back to the story I wanna share..

I met this Jake guy on weChat. He was nearby so I added him. And his photo in his account is my fuckingggg crush. So, thinking he's a poser I added him so I could tell my crush let's call him (Jojo) let's hide his identity who's I'm fangirling. We have a casual talks. May pa yun! Like very light talks then wala na. There was this one time na i posted smokez in my weChat. He popped out. I'm still not digging he's the real Jojo. shit. So I reply naman. He said we should smoke sometime daw. I said sure. Then no communication again. Hahaha. So I was okay, poser ka naman eh.

Two weeks ago. He messaged me kung kailan daw ako free. I told him na I'm free pag Fridays and weekends. He said...