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My Bestfriend's Mom Part 2

Submitted by on September 27, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Obviously, this is the second part. If you haven't seen the first then you should, cause why not... eh?

Si tita Lisa na mom ng best friend ko, is about to put her ring and middle finger inside herself, without any clue that I was just by the door, enjoying the sight to behold. As she reaches for her juicy, wet p*ssy, her head keeps turning from left to right. Halatang halata na sobrang nasasarapan siya sa pag sasarili niya. Habang papasok ang mga daliri niya, siya namang pag bukas ng labi niya. Ninanamnam bawat sensasiyon na nararamdaman. Palaks na din ng palakas ang ungol niya, which was very lovely to my ears. Malambing, relaxed pero alam mo na pleasure ang dahilan.

For a few seconds, she was very steady, hindi niya ginagalaw yung daliring nasa loob niya, na parang sinusulit yung sarap. Then... she started to move her fingers and her waist rythmically. She was now moaning loudly, like she doesn't even care if someone might hear her amazing moan. I can't blame her, akala niya tulog na lahat ng kasama niya sa bahay. Slow and steady, her fingers in and out in her, then suddenly goes as fast as she can, then slows down again. It was majestic. Everytime na binibilisan niya, her mouth shuts at tumitirik ang mata. I was thinking to my self that it was incredibly sexy.

Moments later, binilisan niya ulit, but this time she wasn't slowing down. She started cursing out loud, even the way she says "shit" turns me on a lot. Ugly words with beaut...

My Bestfriend's Mom

Submitted by on September 27, 2016 (7 months ago)
Posted in Story: Fiction, Taglish | Categories: Exhibitionist and Voyeur, Taboo, Wife Lovers, Mature, Toys and Masturbation | Tags: , , , , , ,

Just so you guys know, this is my very first attempt for a story. I hope you guys like it.

Tita Lisa, I've always called her that. My best friend Jeffrey & his lil' bro's single mom. I found out that their dad left them back when they we're still in elementary school. They said he is now in Texas, USA, with a family of his own. But, despite of all of what happened, it was obvious that they're happy. Back then, I've never appreciated tita's appearance. She was just my bestfriend's mom. Well, until recently.

Despite having two kids already, halatang halata na napaka alaga niya sa katawan. Maputi, slim, and for her age (around 38), she IS pretty. All of it goes well with her height na maliit. 5 ft I think. But I saw MORE of her when Jeffrey invited me to sleep over. We we're both in highschool, I was in 3rd year and Jeff at his 2nd. We were big fans of an online game dati, at yun lang ginawa namin magdamag. When midnight came, tita scolded us that we should sleep, in her 1 piece nighties. That's the first time I saw her thighs, thick and white and just sexy (I'm a sucker for thighs xD) As I was entralled by her thighs nabigla ako sa pag alis niya, yun pala Jeff had already turned off the computer kasi matutulog na daw, and so we did.

We stayed in one room, I was on the floor and Jeff on the bed. But for some reason, I just can't make myself go to sleep. It wasn't the thighs, maybe because I'm in someone elses house. So I decided to g...