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Virginity as they say is just an excess tissue that covers the vagina, may be broken by simple biking or strenous activites involving splits, kicks and a lot more..while some guys seem to prefer virgins, lets just say it is their pride that is boosted if they were the ones who took that virginity away. Again, traditionally, they say virginity is the most precious gift you can give on your wedding night, that is true so as to say.
   But again, we have to think that today, most married couples separate because of what? extra marital affairs, or incapability of doing this and that..basically it is SEXUAL INCOMPATIBILITY. Men or women look for sexcapades that thrill their dying desire of feeling pleasure, which they couldn't get from their legal partners maybe because they get bored with the usual? or merely the "virgin" sticks to basics.
   I admit losing my virginity at age of 18 bya simple finger fuck from my ex bf was something that I wouldn't regret; Well it actually made me know myself more when it comes to teasing, beginning and heightening pleasure as a starter or even climax.
When guys ask me if I am a virgin, I answer honestly, I say no; its up to them to judge me or think whatever they wanna think and i don't care, being unvirgin is not the measure of being a woman. Rather being a woman is what ms. universe contestants usually answer..(lol)
   The hell with ego or pride, guys would you rather have your pride boosted by  devirginizing someo...