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Big Surprise!

Submitted by on April 19, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I met Maja not too long ago. She's a very uncomplicated woman which makes it easier for me to get along with her just fine.

After few weeks of exchanging text messages I requested for a video call which she happily accommodated. She told me in advance that she'll be in the living room adjacent to the small terrace coz the breeze from outside is refreshing especially during the summer time.

We continue to Skype in a random manner based on availability. We discuss everything. In short, no unnecessary disagreements but purely exchanging of thoughts and ideas.

One warm and humid evening while on a video call, Maja's dad showed up like before to watch a teleserye.

"Nakikita ba niya ako?" That was via text message to make sure that she didn't forget to minimize the video.

"No. As usual, they didn't know that you can see us hahaha." She replied.

Her dad stood up and walked back and forth without disturbing her. After a couple of minutes her mom showed up, too.

"Wait lang ha? Matutulog na rin mga yan since almost 10PM na." She said.

"Don't worry I'll wait." I said.

So I waited for a couple more minutes. Both her parents were just standing behind her and that's where it all happened.

"Oh my God!" I said, "Your mom!!!"

Why? Because in my full view, M...