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So Much Fuss About Vagina? Well, Thanks!

Submitted by on May 31, 2016 (1 year ago)
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i do not know if this work around is approved by the admin [i need 22 hours to submit a poem in a time that i do not have so, i make it as a blog! ]

i'm submitting a blog with an accompanying poem.

i always fall within the mystery why men have so much fuss about women's vagina. but when i think that what if one day men stopped wondering, pursuing, longing about the much coveted women's vagina the world will be left with artificial insemination! and vibrators and dildoes will have a record sale!!! men will suddenly stop fucking women! men will no longer salivate just looking at a woman's ass anymore! and what a lonely world will that be?

so, shall we be grateful that there's so much fuss about vagina?

here's a tribute to vagina...

the vagina flower

and so i am a farmer in this dreamworld,
i planted a flower, now unfurled,
there were luscious petals, only a few,
but always soaked in a sticky morning dew.

it's been 16 years long before it bloomed,
never smelled it but i know it's perfumed,
it's never seen the sunlight or drank milk,
always covered in a fabric, a cotton or silk.

it's as often as the moon when it cries in blood,
that's when men who don't want children would be glad,
but it seems fruitless couple would have to cry,
with endless kamasutras and another try.

i guard it agai...

V Questionnaire (for ladies only)

Submitted by on August 9, 2014 (3 years ago)
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The following questions came from the book, The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. The author interviewed women and the result of the interview was later published and became a stage play. The questions are for ladies only...

1. If your vagina get dressed, what would it wear?

2. If your vagina could speak, what would it say in 2 words?

3. What does your vagina reminds you of?

4. What's so special about your vagina?

5. What does your vagina smell like?


Tanong ko lang po

Submitted by on May 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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ask ko lang po kung may bad effect ang babaeng nagma-masturbate.
damn! im so CURIOUS!!!!!...

The Virgin guy wanna fuck.

Submitted by on October 29, 2013 (4 years ago)
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I'm 18 yrs old from Bulacan. I wanna fuck any girl who pm's me right away! My HS life should be better if I fuck girls that time. That's my moment but until now I'm a certified virgin. I don't choke my chicken 'coz I want to be 'de-virginized' with sex.

I know I suck bcoz I dont get to fuck girls. I want fuck right away, I need it!

I'm not uber-picky on my FUBU,but she has to be sexually active,pretty/cute and willing to teach me some moves.

I know its a turn-off that a girl has to teach a guy to the moves but I want to learn. Help Me!

PM me over and send me a pick of yours. Thanks and Godbless!


The Sensual Summons

Submitted by on June 29, 2012 (5 years ago)
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The Sensual SummonsHere's a great way to stimulate a sensitive, but often neglected, area of your woman's vagina. You may even run across the elusive and controversial "G-spot."

Here's What You Need:
One bottle of water-based lubricant.

Here's How You Do It:
Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart.

Apply a small amount of lubricant to your hands.

Gently caress your woman's thighs, stomach and bikini line, gradually increasing the pressure.

Delicately squeeze the outer lips of her vagina, one at a time, between your thumb and index finger. Slowly slide up and down the entire length of each lip.

Carefully insert your index finger into your woman's vagina. With your palm facing up, draw your index finger up and toward you as if you are summoning a person (you know: the "come here" gesture). Repeat the move at a steady pace, letting your fingertip constantly stimulate the upper wall of her vagina.

While continuing to do that with one hand, use the thumb or index finger of your other hand to trace small circles around your woman's clitoris.

Keep these two motions going until your woman explodes in a mind-numbing orgasm....

The Cotton Spritzer

Submitted by on May 18, 2012 (6 years ago)
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The Cotton SpritzerThis is a very romantic technique that not only pleases your woman -- it gives you a little bit of a buzz, too.

Here's What You Need:

One pair of cotton panties.
One bottle of wine.

Here's How You Do It:

Have your woman strip down to nothing but her cotton panties (make sure the panties are cotton; nylon just doesn't cut it for this one).

With your woman standing, kneel down in front of her.

Pull the waistline of her panties toward you, creating an opening about two inches wide.

Pour a small amount of wine into the panties and release. Let the wine soak the crotch of the panties as well as your woman's vagina.

Now place your mouth against the crotch of her panties and suck the wine through the fabric and into your mouth. Don't be surprised as your woman presses her hips against your face -- this is extremely erotic.

Do this three or four times, then set down the bottle of wine.

Gather the crotch of your woman's panties together in one hand. Position your open mouth underneath and squeeze hard. This should wring out a small trickle of wine from her panties onto your tongue.

Keep holding the crotch of her panties in your hand and pull them to one side. Now pleasure your woman orally until she explodes in a delicious orgasm....

Sexual positions for baby-making

Submitted by on April 19, 2012 (6 years ago)
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Sexual positions for baby-makingAre some sexual positions better than others for conception?

Sadly, no scientific studies have been carried out in this area. However, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of couples having sex in different positions have shed some light on what's going on inside when you're doing the deed.

Common sense suggests that the "missionary position" (man on top) is one of the best ways to make babies because it allows the deepest penetration and so places sperm right next to the opening of your womb. The other position that may improve your chances (in case you get bored!) is entry from behind, either lying down or with the woman on all fours; this should also deposit sperm right next to your cervix.

The MRI studies have indeed shown that the tip of the penis reaches the recesses between the cervix and walls of the vagina in both of these positions. The missionary position ensures the penis reaches the recess at the front of the cervix (anterior) and the rear entry position reaches the recess at back of the cervix (posterior). So this limited evidence supports what common sense tells us; it's just amazing what some scientists spend their time doing, isn't it!

What are the worst sexual positions for conception?

Some experts recommend you avoid having sex while sitting, standing or with the woman on top. These positions defy gravity and may make it harder for the sperm to swim up towards...